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    I just finished watching the hot topics from today, and I must say, Fluff, I totally agree with you on Jacque Reed. It was the first time I'd seen her on the show, and I was VERY impressed. I think she'd be a GREAT addition to the show. I'd put her into the moderator role, so that Rosie was more free to express her views as she wishes, without appearing to be cutting everyone off in order to "win" every debate.

    On that note, I'm sorry, but Rosie needs to either quit talking so much, or start reading more of the newspaper before she continues to make herself look more and more ignorant. When they were discussing the whole Alberto Gonzales mess, I wrote off the first time that she referred to the fired "judges" as a misspeak. But when she repeated it over and over, it became clear that she truly does not understand the story enough to know that it is dealing with fired US attorneys, not judges. If she's going to get on the show every day and tell people how they should think, and what actions they should take ... and tell Elisabeth that she just doesn't understand because she hasn't read the right books or lived long enough, then she REALLY needs to brush up on actual facts. It's kind of scary that a woman can be that arrogant and that ignorant. It's a scary combination!

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    I've also seen Rosie err on other topics, not just politics.

    One time they were talking about baby boomers and she said that she was not a baby boomer. Um, yeah she is. If she is 45 (and how many times have we heard that in the last two weeks?) then she was born in 1962 which makes her part of the baby boom generation (1946-1964).

    When that guy killed those Amish schoolchildren, she mentioned how he was a milkman. She made the statement that maybe many people don't remember when milkmen drove around in trucks delivering glass bottles of milk to individual customers. Turns out the guy drove one of those huge milk trucks that haul milk from the farms to the milk company.

    Again, get the facts, ma'am!

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    Did anyone see her today? She didn't come out and say 100% that she thinks the US government was responsible for 911 but she outright questioned that they are making up how building 7 of the World Trade center fell and that she wants a physicist from Harvard to come on the show and tell them how it is impossible for fire to melt steel and how that building had to be taken down with explosives. The other two she said were taken down by planes but she is suspect about building 7 and I took it as she was implying that the US gov was responsible.

    She also regularly seems to side with the "humanity" of terrorists. It also seemed like today she was on the side of Iran and their taking of the 15 navy soldiers. She wanted to make it into a conspiracy between US and UK instead of maybe thinking that Iran might be trying to make a statement.

    I think it was stated very accurately above she is both arrogant and ignorant and that is a whopper of a combonation.

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    Unbelievable. I wonder if when the little men in white jackets come to take Rosie away, they'll do it live on the air. It would make for great TV, and would almost guarantee The View "clip of the week" status on The Soup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandy;2302763;

    I think it was stated very accurately above she is both arrogant and ignorant and that is a whopper of a combonation.
    I would level those two exact criticisms against Elisabeth too, which is partly why this show has become fun to watch for me.
    I think people often think that because Elisabeth is generally quiet and polite she isn't arrogant, but brash Rosie is.
    I find both Elisabeth and Rosie hugely arrogant, Elisabeth not in that "aren't I wonderful" way though.

    Glad you also like Jacque, Veruka.
    I think she brings a much needed air of professionalism to the panel.
    If I had to guess I would say she is probably left-leaning, but I think she tries to present the facts of the issue they're discussing.
    I've been increasingly impressed by her.

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    I see Elisabeth as more blindly naieve with a tinge of loyalty. She is ignorant on many things but doesn't come off as arrogant to me.

    I did like that Jaque girl as well she would be a breath of fresh air.

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    On Elisabeth, I can totally see how people would view her as arrogant. But I see that same tone from her as more snooty than arrogant. As I see it, arrogance requires not just confidence in your own views, but disdain for differing points of view -- as if there are "right" and "wrong" opinions. Given the number of times Elisabeth prefaces her views with "because I believe ..." and other such phrases, I think she accepts that there are more acceptable points of view than just hers. I don't see that same acceptance of other views from Rosie.

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    More and more I'm getting the idea that these "hot" topics discussions have more to due with ratings than anything else. Rosie has turned an enjoyable and informative segment of the show into a car wreck. Sorry, but it's no longer fun to watch. It's a shame.

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    Shame on Rosie for blaming our country for 'planning" 9/11. I hope the spirits of 3000 people who perished will never let her sleep. Ever.

    I just have one question..

    If Rosie hates this country and everything that has to do with it so much...


    I'm sure Iran and any other arab country will take in a woman lesbian with open arms (insert sarcasm) and gives her all the freedoms Rosie enjoys in the United States of America.

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    I really agree with you, girlsmom. Today actually felt forced. It was like Rosie was looking for a fight.

    She DID come across as sympathetic to terrorists. And, she DID imply that it might be a conspiracy theory this whole hostage situation that is going on.

    I used to tolerate her "blathering", but not I just look at her like she is a raving lunatic. I really think she's going off the deep end. I'm going to predict that she's going to fall and fall hard one day soon.

    I get so sick of her saying every day that George Bush should be inpeached. Just because you don't agree with someone's polictics, it is not grounds for impeachment.

    Anyway, I digress. It's all for show at this point.

    And, a totally shallow observation, but I can't help but make it. When she puts her hands up in the "stop" approach, I can't help but think that she has the biggest hands I've ever seen. I'm not really trying to make fun of, though, I realize that's how this will read. It just surprises me when I see them.

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