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    shoes? who needs shoes?? barefootdyke's Avatar
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    joy was on jay leno tonight ... she was pretty funny. i loved her line when talking about stars getting botox, she said "i don't have any plastic surgery. a plastic surgeon said to me joy, don't get any work done because a smile is a natural face lift ... i said i wish my ass had a sense of humor!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by bee stung lips;2202118;
    She lost my trust too. Barbara knows she's a legend amongst journalists, therefore whatever she says will be taken as the solid truth due to the amount of respect other have for her. But I agree, she turned me off completely (never liked her to begin with anyway) with the way she handled the Star JOnes affair.
    You're right, and what bothers me is that her journalism success and her talk show babble seem to be running together and now she's a kook in many people's minds. That puts a dim light on many of her accomplishments that actually were noteworthy. She needs to retire, and keep her mouth shut so that people can just remember her accomplishments and not all the muck raking.
    I was also one who thought that she handled the Star event very poorly. That, and now this, are NOT helping her image. I think her days of being taken seriously are long past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka;2201929;
    I normally only get to watch The View when I have a day off from work. From time to time, I'll tape it if there's a guest on I want to see, of if I'm curious about what they'll say during the chat segments. Yesterday, I taped it, curious to see what they'd say about Donald Trump. I give Barbara a lot of credit for the way she said so much by saying so little.

    I continued watching it, because i wanted to see Sarah Furgeson. After watching that segment, I was sure of one thing - Rosie has GOT to go. The woman is horrible! I expected her to not do well in an ensemble environment from the beginning, but she was even worse than I'd ever dreamed. She could not keep her mouth shut, and she could not allow the subject to be anything but her. Sarah Furgeson tries to play into their hot topics by bringing out her cell phones -- Rosie insists she has to have a ring tone like Sarah's ... take the focus off the guest, on to Rosie. Sarah mentions that she attended the funeral of her best friend's son the day before. Rosie starts talking about how she went to a funeral yesterday too - and goes into all the details of the service. Why waste the time of a guest, espeically a guest who was once a member of the British royal family, if the focus of the interview is going to be one self-obsessed host? Pathetic!


    I watched this episode too. Otherwise I usually don't. And Rosie needs to get her own show and just talk to/about herself. I don't remember her being that way on her own talk show-of course-she wasn't competing with other hosts. But she seemed to be interested in her guests too. At least the few times I watched it. If I was Elisabeth I would be leaving The View and finding other work. She's the token conservative and can't get a word in edge wise anyway.
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    That is what irritates me so much about her. No one else needs to be there since she is the STAR of the show. I caught the show one morning when she was talking of having a colonoscopy or something the next day. For some reason that was lost on me, she was wearing the most ridiculous pajama pants I may have ever seen on an adult. I never did quite get the connection, but assume there must have been one. I can't fathom showing up in that rig just for the fun of it. Oh, the fun of it AND the attention.

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    She arrived at the station in the pyjama pants and was going to change into a proper outfit but was told by the wardrobe people to leave the pants on because they thought they looked cute.
    Can't say I agree with that assessment, but that's apprently why she wore the pants.
    She explained that on the show and on another occasion when the subject of the outfit came up again.

    I agree with those who weren't impressed with the way Barbara handled the situation with Star.
    Star blind sided everyone with her announcement, but I feel she still deserved better than how she was treated.
    I saw her on Larry King and thought she gave a good account of herself.
    She was able to counter all the point Larry made, apparently on Barbara's behalf, with calm, reasoned answers.
    I was impressed and after seeing how well she supported her postition thought she should definitely look to get back itno the legal profession in some shape or form, even if it's back to how she started when she was covering the OJ case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWS;2176875;
    Right, just say you didn't know and apologize. I once used the phrase "Indian summer" and a Native American friend told me that it was a phrase that was really offensive to Native Americans (the whole "unreliable" aspect of the derivation).
    I came seeking Rosie's opening tinderbox comments which represent the opening salvo in the Trump-Rosie feud and your Indian Summer comment drew my eye.

    I'm having trouble getting search pages to open on "Indian Summer" right this moment, but don't perceive anything negative whatsoever about the phase and would be disinclined to stop using a phrase so singularly attached to what it describes lacking some concrete evidence of any overt offensiveness attached to it. In this case (at this moment), having "Indian" as part of the name wouldn't be near enough for me to cease and desist in saying it.

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    Well whoever told her that the pajamas looked "cute" needs their head examined. She looked ridiculous, sort of like a Santa's Elf that had gone horribly wrong.

    PWS, I'm part Indian and have used that expression all my life. If anyone is trying hard enough they can always find something to get upset over. Whoever got upset over that one, was trying harder than most.

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    Well, she was "all" Indian...grew up on a local reservation in a tribe that is still struggling for federal recognition (they intermarried a lot with freedmen in the pre Civil War days)...maybe that made her more sensitive on the issue. I had heard that "Indian giving" was offensive due to the trickery and unreliableness implied, and this was somewhat similar... summer you can't count on to last, that deceives you into putting off preparing for winter, etc. Of course one could focus on the "lovely interlude" aspect of an "Indian summer", but she didn't and said people she knew didn't. So, just as with other phrases that may not "logically" seem offensive (e.g., what's logically wrong with "Chinaman" if you are a male from China? But it's considered very offensive because of the connotations and history) I bow to the relevant group. If I don't want people talking about welshing on bets I can't complain if a Native American doesn't like Indian summer. Unfortunately our language doesn't have another good phrase for that kind of weather--comparatively substituting (the much more logical) firefighter for fireman was a piece of cake!
    But I'm willing to believe there's internal disagreement on the issue. For example even though the academic study of issues related to homosexuality/transgender, etc. is officially known as "queer studies" a lot of older gay faculty really dislike the term. And when the progresssion from colored to black to African American was taking place there was a lot of resistance from people who were fine with the previous term.
    Guess I should put something about Rosie in here, to prevent a complete threadjack! Re the pajama bottoms... I see students wearing them in public all the time, especially during exam period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redjdv;2204145;
    If I was Elisabeth I would be leaving The View and finding other work. She's the token conservative and can't get a word in edge wise anyway.
    This is what Ive been saying too, for a long time now. Elizabeth cannot get a word in anymore on that show. I feel bad for her, and have to wonder just what she is sitting there truly thinking to herself as Rosie completely takes over.
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    I wonder what Joy is thinking too. She's been there from the start, is supposed to be a good friend of Barbara and she may as well be at home, it seems. I often wonder if Barbara would do the same thing over again if she had a chance to go back. Letting Rosie take over wasn't her smartest move, in my opinion.

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