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Thread: "Breaking Point" - Episode 8 - 11/23

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin
    The prophetic line in this episode may have been when Lindsey said Sydney's profile showed that "empathetic suffering" was more effective a technique on her than physical torture.

    Based on the previews for next week which seem to indicate Lauren played a role in the two missing years, what if Sydney's memory is blocked because she doesn't want Vaughn to suffer?

    I try so hard to figure out where this is going, and how Sydney and Vaughn will get back together .... s

    I am still a firm believer that the writers for the show lurk here and see what we think and then go another way! Not that WE are the center of the universe but hey I am convinced that is what happens!

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    I thought the guy was a plant too. to work on her after each session, to get her to talk to someone she thought was in the same boat.

    Me?!! I would have stomped on Lindsey's throat while he was knocked out. Or at least a nice hard kick to the crotch so he remembers the fun time we had.....

    Best line in the show, was when Vaughn said "Your beginging to like me again"
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    Quote Originally Posted by technomage500
    She caught the trick though because there was no blood on the knife. That's why she gave the wrong coordinates.
    Well, it didn't occur to me the first time when the guy talked to Syd that he was playing her, and it was not until he was stabbed that I realized the guy was a plant. I'm not sure that Syd realized that she was being tricked at first, and like John, I think she gave the wrong coordinates to buy herself more time.

    Could Lauren be working for the covenant and if so, why doesn't Sloane know about this since he's an expert on the covenant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    Could Lauren be working for the covenant and if so, why doesn't Sloane know about this since he's an expert on the covenant?
    oooooo .. good catch, wolf. And presumably Sloane is also an 'expert' on Lauren, since she's been his handler for so long.

    I'm with John and Wolf .. I completely bought into the sympathy for the guy in the other cell and never suspected he was a plant. I think Sydney gave the wrong coordinates just because she refused to give in -- in any obvious way. And when she was in the helicopter with Jack, she 'confessed' that she had given them the wrong coordinates as if she had failed some unwritten code of mental strength somehow.

    And I saw blood on the knife when they stabbed the guy in the leg and chest. Fake blood, to be sure.

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    If Sloane knew Lauren was in the Covenant, it would make perfect sense that she'd end up as his handler - it would give them time to strategize, with the blessing of both organizations.

    That's a good point, I like it.

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    I don't get it. I have not seen anything about Lauren that would indicate that she is anything other than what she is. A wife having to deal with the fact that the woman her husband loved and still loves has miracously come back from the " dead " and is in competion with her.
    Now everything I just said may be null and void next week as I have not seen the previews for next weeks episode.
    Points I like so far.
    1) Vaughn is developing a set of b@ll$. Good for him finally!!

    2) Jack starting to like Vaughn after calling him a "boy " a few months ago.

    3) Seeing one of Jack's "hide holes " . Money, guns, scalpels. Cool!!

    4) Seeing Sydney's cell mate. Loved him in Identity.

    One question that has been bothering me for a while. I love hockey, ( I'm in Edmonton, so it's in the blood.) but what is going on with all the " secret " meetings on the ice rink between Sydney and Vaughn and even last year with the attack from her mom? It just feels out of place.

    One last thing. It's too bad that Lena Olin does not want to return to the show this season. This could be the year that it truly hits its stride. It actually feels that they have an idea of what story this show is telling instead of just filling up 22 episodes a year.

    Hey joeguy. It's great to see another Opus fan in the stands. Opus is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Iran says it shot down unmanned US spy plane.
    Lemonade recalled due to possibleglass fragments in Canada.
    Lindsay Lohan to join Celebrity Big Brother.

    Anybody else need a dandelion break???

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