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Thread: The Office - New season

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    The Office - New season

    New season of the office started Sunday on BBCA, I know there were a few others that were fans of "The Office" on here :-)

    I thought the new season started out really well, seems like they've gotten more confident since their show was such a success & I thought the first episode was hilarious.

    I hope they continue as good as they started off. Definitely a lot more new people they can work with this time around & I'm looking forward to watch David Brent make an even bigger fool out of himself :-)

    Did anyone else catch the season beginning last Sunday? :-)


    PS: Step AWAY from the cookie jar!

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    I saw that one the other night, though I don't watch the show regularly. That manager dude gets himself into so much trouble, I'm surprised he still has his job.

    That blonde is a fair fit bird, eh.
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