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Thread: Ex E.R star you miss the most

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    I thought it was unfair that Abby wasn't able to get justice from her attack just because Luka kicked that guy's butt. Stranger and unfair things have happen in the law.
    Especially when they involve domestic disputes...that neighbor of Abby's was in denial about her abusive boyfriend and may even have lied for him and gave him an alibi if Abby tried to prosecute.

    So my boy Luka just took care of things "country justice" style, quicker and much, much more effective in such a case.

    Then again, Abby can be pretty resourceful and might have taken matters into her "own hands" as it were. They could have had her give him a shot of demerol and then once he was out, taken care of inflicting her own brand of "country justice" - Lorena Bobbit style. OUCH! Thats gonna leave a mark!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Then again, what bad boy doesn't have that "come hither" look?
    Yes, the many darlings of the bad boy genre. Clark Gable, James Dean, all those other yummy boys.

    What we were talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddio
    So interesting that you say that Eldee. I was thinking that it does appear that they are making the Luka charecter somewhat Doug Ross like. He is becoming a bit more soft spoken, it looks like they are looking to move him into a long term relationship (with the woman from Africa) and most importantly they have really had him involved a lot with children patients. Last year there was the boy that needed the heart surgury and Luka defied all of the rules to get him into the U.S. and have the surgury, the children in Africa etc. All of that was very similar to Doug Ross' cavilier attitude when treating children. Of course Doug was a pediatrician.

    Iīve noticed that too, and the writers shouldnīt be doing that, Goran Visnjic should have his OWN character, instead of being made to fill in Doug Rossī shoes.

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    JyNx, I would like to know more about his past. Afterall, he is one of the few characters who was born and raised in another country. Now, he has his experience of working in a third world country and nearly getting his head blown off. Carter almost lost his life before when he was stabbed and that had a strong affect on him. I believe that Carter will come back changed, so Luka must be changed too. At least we know that he can play a jerk, but also a sensitive guy.

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    True, having a near death experience must really have a big impact on you, so yeah i think that they will change, and Luka will try to have a steady relationship instead of sleeping with every woman out there, thatīs what i think.

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    I miss Dr. Green.

    I like Abby. I just wish that they wouldn't show quite as much of her on the show. I'd like to see other story lines as well as Abby's. However, I am glad that she brought Sally Field onto the show and that actor from "That Thing You Do". They are both very talented.

    I don't want Abby to get back together with Lucca either! I am also annoyed at the abrupt split between Carter and herself. It didn't seem well written. It's like neither one of them seemed to care about the split -- even though they were almost engaged last season. Ugh.

    I love Mehki though! I think he is a great addition to this cast as well as... Oh - I forget his name. CRAP! I really dislike the new female character that Mehki has been flirting with though. She annoys me greatly. In real life I'd like to think that she would have been fired from the hospital already.
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    Seriously ? You dont like the ever competent Neela?
    She was the star of "Bend it Like Beckham". I think she's an observer, she doesn't talk unless she has something to say and so far she's an outsider. Just like Gallant, I think she will warm up soon. Pratt needs to keep his mind on his work instead of on whats happening in his trousers.
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    I miss Malucci and oddly enough Weaver (and her tirades)

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    Whatever happened to Malucci, I can't seem to remember. I wish Carol and Doug could come back for a guest spot or something, it would be nice to see them again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corgi
    I miss oddly enough Weaver (and her tirades)
    Where is Weaver's girlfriend this season, I haven't seen or heard anything
    about her this year......
    Did they break-up, our they still together, they showed alot f them last year, but this year nothing at all

    things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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