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Thread: T.V Schedule

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    FORT Fogey
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    T.V Schedule

    Well hello folks, i pose a very important question to you all! What are the shows you watch throughout the week?

    Here's my little list as of right now.

    Monday - Fear Factor
    Tuesday -Nothing
    Wednesday - Nothing
    Thursday - Survivor, Freinds
    Friday - Nothing
    Saturday - SNL
    Sunday - The Simpsons, ALIAS

    Right now there's not too too many shows on, I usually tune into Jay Leno too everynight, it's not a must watch show for me though, if i miss it it's not a biggie. Post yours for fun.

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    On the mat
    Monday: Yes, Dear - Still Standing - Everybody Loves Raymond - Two and a Half Men (flipping to Football for the second hour)

    Tuesday: There's nothing on, so I usually make that night "bar night". But sometimes I'll watch the NBC lineup (Whoopi, Happy Family, Frasier, Good Morning Miami)

    Wednesday: Ed - The West Wing

    Thursday: Survivor - CSI

    Friday: Miss Match (until it gets cancelled)

    Saturday: Nothing

    Sunday: Football - Alias

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    COMBAT MISSIONS junkie! BravoFan's Avatar
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    Monday: Nothing. Monday night football if it's a game I want to see. And shows from the previous Thursday.

    Tuesday: Navy NCIS. It's okay. Nothing else is on Tuesdays, though. And any remaining shows from the prior Thursday.

    Wednesday: The Bachelor if I'm bored.

    Thursday: BIG problem night as everything is on this night. Can't miss: Survivor, CSI, Without a Trace. Friends and ER are gravy. But I tivo everything and usually only get Survivor watched on Thursday.

    Friday: Everything from Thursday that I didn't get a chance to watch

    Saturday: Football all day. And leftover Thursday shows.

    Sunday: Football all day
    Cold Case. Love it.
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    Monday: MNF if it's a good game

    Tuesday: NYPD Blue

    Wednesday: Ed (sometimes), Law and Order

    Thursday: Survivor, ER (sometimes tape Friends or CSI)

    Friday: nothing

    Saturday: nothing (maybe EPL soccer or college football)

    Sunday: any good football, Simpsons when it returns

    A couple of years ago I watched quite a few more shows regularly. I occasionally watch shows on A&E or the other cable channels. I've been so busy the past few months that I hardly watch TV at all.
    Log off. That cookie sh*t makes me nervous. --Tony Soprano

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    King of the world holiday's Avatar
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    Monday - MNF
    Tues - Nothing exciting
    Weds - King of Queens
    Thurs - Survivor - CSI
    Fri - usually a movie
    Sat - Massive amounts of college football - SNL
    Sun - Massive amounts of NFL - Simpsons

    I also watch hockey, baseball whenever - and I love A&E shows like American Justice, Cold Case files - and CNN - and any other reality shows that happen to be good. Oh and Jimmy Kimmell every night, lol, last night he had Quentin Tarantino on!
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    Sunday: American Dreams and Alias (tape Charmed and season 3 episode of Angel on WB).
    Monday: Everwood and RW/RR Challenge.
    Tuesday: Real World and Newlyweds (Is it tuna or chicken...by the sea? LOL).
    Wednesday: Smallville and Angel (will tape The OC when it starts).
    Thursday: SURVIVOR...CSI and Without a Trace if I don't have too much homework.
    Friday: Joan of Arcadia.
    Saturday: Season 6 episode of Buffy and season 1 episode of Angel on WB.

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    dallas, fer sure
    my tv schedule is totally full.

    monday: las vegas, everwood
    tuesday:8 simple rules, i'm with her, less than perfect, one tree hill
    wednesday:smallville, the bachelor
    thursday:friends, scrubs, will & grace, coupling, extreme makeover, survivor, primetime (if it is an interesting edition)
    friday:joan of arcadia, miss match, boston public (if i remember to record), hope and faith, dateline and/or 20/20 (if interesting editions)
    saturday: nothing
    sunday: american dreams, alias

    and yes, it takes all 3 of my vcrs to keep me up with all this tv.

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