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Thread: Navy NCIS

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    Re: Navy NCIS

    Fitting tribute episode. Certainly emotional, particularly the picture at the end.
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    Re: Navy NCIS

    The only 'gripe' I had with last night's episode is the glaring absence of Ziva. I understand Cote wanted to leave the show; however, Gibbs was like a father to her and she was close to Jackson as well. They could have at least shown someone (Tony, McGhee, VAnce, Abby...anyone!) making a phone call to her and her making one to Gibbs. I kept hoping she'd show up in Stillwater to support Gibbs. Other than that, it was a wonderful tribute.
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    Re: Navy NCIS

    I appreciated that they worked Gibbs' intuition (his"spidey senses") into the episode. When they caught the bad guy in the alley and he had a flashback to his childhood . . . that was all it took to start the tears flowing. You know next season is gonna open with a full scale replica of the Chickadee in his basement!
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    Re: Navy NCIS

    I really enjoyed the tribute episode, well done! I agree that we will be seeing more of that boat I am thankful the season finale ended in such a beautiful way and (I think for the first time maybe) with a sense of closure. Looking forward to the fall premiere!
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