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Thread: Navy NCIS

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    I wondered about that...

    But then why not just call it Navy CIS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BravoFan
    I wondered about that...

    But then why not just call it Navy CIS?

    But right now, you're probably thinking, isn't the show's title Navy Naval Criminal Investigative Service?

    And you're right. ``CBS thought -- and I think it's a legitimate concern -- that they want to get JAG viewers to try it out, and to see what it is, because most people don't know what NCIS is,'' said Bellisario.

    But the show tries to explain that in the first episode and Bellisario said that he figured the cumbersome title will be gone ``in a very short period of time.''

    I hopes this helps. Matt

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    Whoo hoo!! Sherilyn Fenn is on tonight's episode! I'm a total Twin Peaks freak and Audrey Horne was my favorite character. So I have to do the happy dance every time I see Ms. Fenn. (Oh yeah, luv Mark Harmon too!)

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    Boo Hoo! She died at the end in an explosion. Which is also how she died at the end of Twin Peaks.....

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    I got a kick out of last night's episode "Doppleganger", in which the local team mirrored the NCIS crew. I was hoping to see their version of Abby as well, her being my favorite, but you can't have it all.

    There are shows I watch because they're on the same network or the same night as other shows I watch, but there aren't too many I anticipate watching like I do this one. Good chemistry between the cast, better, in my opinion, than on many of the more popular shows.

    Nice to see Harmon find a gal, it didn't even bother me that I assumed (correctly) as soon as she appeared that she'd end up being the bad gal.

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    "....and one of them won't survive"

    I suppose I ought to be happy enough seeing as they saw fit to mention "season finale" regarding the next episode where earlier they'd just been saying things like "final 3 episodes", leaving me to wonder whether this show had been axed.

    I don't like the thought of them eliminating one of the characters, not unless its the youngster that supports their Medical Examiner; the other characters, not the storylines are what draws me to watch this show. They compliment each other so well.

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    I agree, Leftcoaster, I don't want any of the main characters to go! The only one I could see it happening to where I wouldn't be upset is the one you mentioned - the young medical examiner guy. But, they weren't showing him when they said that . . . they flashed all the others up there. Technically, according to their website, there are only 6 main characters: Gibbs, Kate, DiNozzo, Abby, McGee, and Ducky. I, for one, would never watch again if Gibbs or Abby were off the show - they're my favs!

    Regarding the "season finale" thing - I think it was before last weeks epi that I heard them say "four new episodes" . . .which would make last weeks epi #1, last nights #2, and next week #3 (which they're saying season finale) . . . so where's #4. If this has been cancelled, I'll be sad - it's really a good showl.
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    Crossing fingers here, I don't know what kind of numbers the show generates. Like Joan of Arcadia, I'd prefer they try a new day or time slot if its getting creamed by its current competitors.

    I totally agree with you regarding Abby and Gibbs, chrelsey. The show would instantly stop being one I looked forward to if either was killed off.

    If they planned on getting rid of Kate or DiNozzo they might just as well kill them both off at the same time, neither would be the same without the other by their side bickering and baiting. Given the choice, much as I like him, I'd rather they snuff Ducky than McGee. McGee has more character to develop and I enjoy seeing him try and cozy up to Abby. Rather than kill a character off, I don't see why they don't focus more on finding Gibbs someone that'll take his mind off his boat.

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    FYI, next week is not the season finale--it's either a repeat or not on--it's in 2 weeks.

    I also read that the show had been renewed--I think on tvguide.com--a while back.

    As for who's getting killed off, I really doubt it's Gibbs, as I think Mark Harmon is the main draw for the show. Abby is my fav so I hope it isn't her. I also kind of doubt it's Tony, since they nearly killed him off this week and that'd be a tad obvious. I can take or leave McGee...and Kate is only alright to me, so it could be either one and it wouldn't put me off the show. Ducky's assistant could go and I'd hardly notice, but as chresly said, they didn't flash his pic up at the end. I like Ducky too, especially the side stories with his mum.

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