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Thread: 10/13 - "Lockdown"

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    10/13 - "Lockdown"

    10-13-2003 10:00PM


    The city's worst fears are aroused when Davis (Coby Bell) and other officers chase after a suspicious van that blows past the checkpoint on the Brooklyn Bridge but after it crashes, they discover the cargo is smuggled Chinese immigrants -- some of whom have symptoms of a plague that could quarantine the hospital while the search goes on for one who escaped.

    Meanwhile, a recovering Officer Yokas (Molly Price) is gingerly brought home but she resents the special attention and the visit of her mother-in-law (guest star Jean DeBaer).

    In addition, Sergeant Cruz (Tia Texada) chafes after her demotion to wearing a uniform and Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles) is paired with Monroe (Nia Long), a new but unimpressed partner.

    Chris Bauer, Michael Beach, Eddie Cibrian, Kim Raver, Anthony Ruivivar and Skipp Sudduth also star..

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    So Bosco is paired with Monroe, eh? Bosco's not a bad guy! He's just misunderstood. *cue everyone who's been around me discussing TW finishing my sentence*

    And, um, wow. Could you rip off SARS any more there, TW?

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    Third Watch probably can't go further with the rip, but NBC certainly can and does; tonight's (or is it Wednesday's?) Law & Order has a SARS outbreak.

    Otherwise, I think I'm a-gonna like dis episode, mainly because'f the friction between Monroe and Bosco. Whoo-hoo!

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    lockdown episode

    Sergeant Cruz (Tia Texada) chafes after her demotion to wearing a uniform and Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles) is paired with Monroe (Nia Long), a new but unimpressed partner.

    Does anyone know why Cruz was demoted? The FBI was supposed to be protecting Cruz I thought.... I guess that she gets in trouble after all!

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    Oh you know hopw the FBI is . . . They'l only go so far to protect someone's buttocks . . . 'Sides, Cruz screwed it up, and when she was bed-ridden she didn't seem all that receptive to Meester FBI-Man's needs.

    *shrugs* That's how I'm interpreting it anyway. For all we know it's a coverup! *gasp* Conspiracies!

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    I think she was demoted just so all the viewers could get a chuckle of seeing her in uniform and not liking the demotion.
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    heh heh heh I had a mean-spirited snicker at Cruz in uniform. She deserved to be busted down to meter maid.

    Knowing that Molly Price is preggers IRL I had a really hard time drumming up sympathy for Yokas. I think I am going to have to avoid articles that give us real information.. If my MIL descended on my home I would have found a way to push her out the window.
    Bosco reminded me of a lost little boy last night. He lost his best friend. Too funny that Monroe told him that she didn't take orders from him and she was sent to babysit him.. notice they didn't move from that spot until Davis and Sully needed help locating the escaped alien though.
    So what exactly is Doc's position now? If Kim is the supervisor is Doc still working out of the 55?
    Jimmy took Lieu's position... so what the heck was Doc doing at the scene last night? So many questions, so few answers LOL
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    Duxxy, I'm curious as to why you found it difficult to find sympathy for Yokas knowing that Price is pregnant off-television. Was it because the writers then had to kindah write in that she won't be around much?

    Otherwise, yes, I was snickering quite uncontrollably at Cruz. Heeheehee, but she looks so much better in a uniform! Bosco's line was great, too, "I think this's the best day'f my life!" Heehee, priceless!

    In any event, I do agree with you about that little thingummer, Duxxy. I was asking myself the same question. But I think Monroe "decided" it would be "easier" to "babysit" Bosco when he was sitting still, watching over his former buddy like some sortah tough-dog-breed-type-thingummer.

    Besides, Monroe probably wanted to stay too, even though we don't see it explicitly. She whispered, "Remember, anything" to Fred before she left the apartment, and she was the only cop Fred actually let into Yokas's room.

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