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Thread: What would Sydney do?

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    What would Sydney do?

    So this morning as I was cleaning up my desk of a week's worth of papers and bills, my stapler kept jamming. By about the four bazillionth time, I was ready to throw the stapler out the window. And then I thought...

    What would Sydney do???

    Surely she wouldn't let a silly little stapler get her upset! (Truth be told, a stapler would probably be too frightened of her to jam in the first place, but I digress.) She'd probably:
    1. Calmly hang the stapler from a string in the middle of the room
    2. Go put on some sexy lingerie
    3. Do a flying karate kick at the stapler to knock it back into shape
    Problem Solved.

    I suggest that we start a little diary of how Sydney would deal with life's little nuisances so that we might all be better prepared to deal with them as they occur in our lives.

    Happy watching tonight! (I'M SO EXCITED THAT SHE'S FINALLY BACK!!!!)

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    The ex-husband who _____________ fill in the blank.

    Walk in his office in some amazing disguise, grab his privates and slightly twist while telling him if it or anything like it ever happens again she will complete the wrist action. Then she saunters out while informing his receptionist that he doesn't want to be disturbed for an hour and to cancel all his afternoon appts.

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