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Thread: Saturday Night Live

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    FORT Fogey
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    Next wekk should be funny, Megan Mullaly is a hoot.

    It's only a matter of time until Debra Messing hosts.

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    As you can tell from my review, i have never seen her in anything at all, and you would think that SNL would go for Debra Messing, or the other lead from the show, as opposed to supporting cast. But who knows. I guess i'll have to keep an extra open mind for that show.
    However, i do think it's absolutely idiotic not airing new episodes for a month here. They could've had tons of stuff for the Iowa and NH Caucuses, but nooo. Whatever.

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    Update for the rest of the season

    I found this...somewhere.

    02.07.04 - Megan Mullally / Clay Aiken
    02.14.04 - Drew Barrymore / TBA
    02.21.04 - TBA
    03.06.04 - TBA
    03.13.04 - TBA
    04.03.04 - Lindsay Lohan
    04.10.04 - TBA
    05.01.04 - TBA
    05.08.04 - TBA
    05.15.04 - TBA (Finale)


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    The muscial guest for the Drew Barrymore episode has been confirmed as 'Kelis'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siso
    The muscial guest for the Drew Barrymore episode has been confirmed as 'Kelis'.
    I like Kelis, she is really weird live, but in a good way

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    News: It looks as if Jeff Richards is off the show. There was chatter about it yesterday, and on the opening credits, he wasn't shown, plus they screwed up and the vo said "chris kattan, chris parnell"
    but there definately was no Richards. So it looks like he's gone.

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    Episode XI Megan Mullally and Clay Aiken

    <B> Opening Words </b>

    It’s been way too long between episodes. Over the past month with Iowa and New Hampshire, they have more than enough political humour to last them the year, but what do they do? Nothing. They sit on their asses. Do they do a Super Bowl Half time? Not only was it the highest rated thing SNL has done, it was the best SNL of the year. Do they? No. word has it Jimmy Fallon was at the playboy mansion. E! has stopped airing episodes because NBC sued them. Way to give your fans absolutely nothing, SNL. And by nothing I mean, that’s right. It’s that time again….
    We need more Will Forte! Again, his lack of sketches is cause for concern. I will bring up the case of the man who mailed himself in a box. Pure brilliance. How come we don’t see more of that? Last week it was what? Him in a chicken suit at 12.59? No. We need more Will Forte. We need the Falconer, we need the speed reader, we need Tim Calhoun (there, political stuff would be good…yeah.) Forget about Hammond, he has become a shell of his former self, Jimmy and Horatio are probably gone, so why not build him up? Seriously. How about some original characters? Did people tune in in 96 to see some Bob Dole parodies? No, they wanted to see the Cheerleaders, Clubbers, any original characters. Is garbage, I say!

    <B> Beforehand </b>

    I can honestly say that the only time I have seen Megan Mullally in my life was during her Conan interview…
    Hmm…Clay Aiken, no comment, is doing SNL tonight and Ruben’s doing Mad TV tonight…hmmm
    But since I know nothing of her acting ability, I will keep an open mind….moreso than usual.

    <B> Cold Opening </B> Nightline

    Ok, Forte’s on in the first minute. That I cannot complain. Koppel talks about Janet’s boob with the three, but it seemed more like a sedated version of Hardball. Actually Hardball would’ve been better. Kerry and Edwards avoid the question, saying they don’t know how it relates to the larger picture, Liberman, with nothing to lose, becomes the sex fiend, saying he would rather it have been that girl from Jag. So much for Joementum
    It was nothing special, perhaps would’ve been better if it were Hardball.

    Actors: Hammond, Myers, Forte, Parnell
    Best Line: Hammond: Let’s talk about healthcare, was it a healthy breast? It didn’t look healthy. It had a little more sag to it that it should have, and what was that Chinese star doing stuck to it?
    Length: 4.30
    Rating: 5/10

    <B> Monologue </B>

    Comments aside Megan does have an annoying voice. She does a song and dance number with an all male chorus…who happen to be gay. I doubt this comes as a surprise. Clay Aiken comes out at the end…dressed like the rest of the ‘gay’ chorus. Insert joke here _______. I stick with no comment.
    But how old is Megan? 45? That’s way to old to be shaking your breasts around…unless your Janet Jackson.

    Actors: Will, Finesse, Seth, Kenan, Daryl, Chris, Horatio, Jimmy, Fred
    Best Line: Seth: Yay Massachusetts!
    Length: 4.00
    Rating: 5/10

    Screw you kay jewelers! Stupid commercials.
    A ballet here on Valentine’s Day, I bet the guys are lining up for that one.

    <B> Celebrity Poker Showdown </B>

    Well, its good to see Bravo, the station that NBC ruined, decided to air a non-gay show. Fallon plays the host, Parnell the ‘expert’. Seth is Carrot Top, Forte is Geraldo, Horatio is Gene Shalit. Megan is Tammy Faye Baker. All of the impersonations are rather good. Geraldo mysteriously slips on and out of a Robin Leech impersonation. Fallon does lots of impersonations . . . half of them good. Carrot top and Gene exchange bad puns, but we expect nothing less from them. It was entertaining. Jimmy got annoying doing all those impersonations, but it was a nice solid sketch. I was a fan.
    You know what would be a random sketch, a ‘pun off’ between carrot top and gene Shalit.

    Actors: Fallon, Parnell, Seth , Forte, Horatio
    Best Line: tie: Horatio: How about this card game? You can tell your ante I’d like to poker and Horatio: As the man in the Chinese laundry. Join Join Join, I fold. (it just made no sense, I had to laugh)
    Length: 5.30

    <B> Commerical One </B> Huggies thongs.

    I didn’t like this commercial the first, or fourth time I saw it. Ratings get lower and lower with this one…

    Actors: Maya, Dratch
    Best Line:
    Length: 1.00
    Rating: 3/10

    <B> Affectionate Mom? </B>
    Seth and Amy play a young engaged couple sleeping at his house. Megan sings her way though another thing. She pretends like he’s 5, and he plays along. Um…this seems something like Molly Shannon would do. Something that, she might have done. I don’t know…it was eerily similar. I wasn’t all for this one. I don’t like to reward sketches that make me think about molly Shannon….I’m 50! *shudder*

    Actors: Seth, Amy
    Best Line: Megan: When you didn’t come downstairs for your waffles, I thought that Anne had murdered you.
    Length: 5.00
    Rating: 4/10

    <B>Next week </B>. Drew Barrymore and Kelis. Maybe she’ll bring Milkshakes, because rumour has it um..they bring the boys to the yard…

    Screw Fear Factor. Haven’t they eaten every animal on the face of the earth? I tell ya, it’s only a matter of time before they eat humans.

    <B> Golden Globes </B>

    Golden Globe sketch…Amy plays Sharon Stone and, what ever happened to Sharon Stone? They cut to the real golden globes and reaction shots, and Megan Mullaly, who falls asleep, picks her nose, drinks rum from the bottle, cucumber eyes and macaroni up the nose, pissing into a wine glass, banging her head against the table, and then mauls Sharon stone.
    I saw one of these things on MadTV which was funnier, but a concept like this is simple and solid.

    Actors: Amy
    Best Line:--
    Rating: 6/10

    <B> Oprah </B>

    It’s Oprah’s birfday, where’s Starkisha? Oprah riles up the women in the audience promising them everything on her wish list. They get Ralph Lauren sweaters, turkeys, boots, macaroons, and a DVD handicam, and the women go apeshizzle.
    Wow, I must be a guy because that absolutely sucked. Pity point for Rachel getting her arm ripped off, which compensates for Maya’s totally inaccurate impersonation.

    Actors: Maya, Amy, Rachael, Tina
    Best Line:----
    Length: 3.30
    Rating: 3/10

    <B> Cab Driver </b>
    megan plays a cab driver, Kenan the passenger, and she proceeds to racially insult him over and over and over. One thing, this episode is so far fetched…we all know blacks can’t get cabs in NYC. Kenan gets insulted, as he is an investment banker (thus the suit) Finesse comes in and acts just as retarded as she does, because he violated parole (thus the suit)
    I don’t know. it seemed more offensive then funny. Why did I come to that conclusion, because the crowd hardly laughed, and they laugh at everything. A point for Finesse acting stereotypic jerry springer.

    Actors: Kenan, Finesse
    Best Line: Megan: [looks at Kenan’s suit] I hope you get a fair trial
    Length: 3.30?
    Rating: 4

    <B> Musical Performance One </B> Clay Aiken

    No Comment.

    When will Friends go away? Please, I think Friends are having a harder time of letting go of Friends than America is…

    <B> Weekend Update </b>

    They start off with political jokes, with the investigation, WMDs, angry dean. Tina laughs at her stupid Joe Liberman as Alf’s dad joke. Tina also goes on a long rant about how gays will go overboard on wedding planning .Uh..ok? Not funny?
    Native American Comedian makes his return. I wasn’t sure if it was funny or if I was offended the first time I saw it. He does a stupid joke then holds a face for five seconds than explains it. Crowd laughs at the face freeze. Wasn’t as funny as the last time, nor as offensive.
    They come back with some more jokes, tina does a bush joke (crowd didn’t have it), jimmy comes with a groundhog day boob parallel (gee, haven’t heard that before) then tina does a random fox reality show-I dated gay guys joke…right?
    Proceed to a clip of Jimmy does the Korean guy on American Idol. That guy’s already more famous than any of the contestants at that show.
    Dratch comes on as Babwa walters, who explains why she left 20-20. Isn’t 20-20 a show that’s really lost on the youth of America? I dunno, well it ends with babwa doing a musical bit…what? Ok…
    Pencil a little to the left. The jokes weren’t big hits with this one. Usually there’s one comment that can be considered for QotW, but not here.

    Actors: Fallon, Fey, Armison, Dratch
    Best Line: Jimmy doing American Idol
    Length: 11.45

    <B> TCM Wizard of Oz </B>
    Concept: Dorthy’s house crushes tens of munchkins and then receives a lawsuit from the victims families. The concept actually rivals the 3 wisemen for concept of the year. It was brilliant….
    This is one sketch you got to see. It’s just that good. Sketch of the year candidate.

    Actors: Maya, Amy, Horatio, Armison, Seth, Parnell, Forte, Kena, Dratch, Hammond
    Best Line: Maya: Only bad witches are ugly. Amy: Hey wait a second, you just asked me if I was a bad witch what are you saying?
    Length: 4.25

    <B> Return of the Zinger</B>
    This time at nasa. Funny thing, during the commercial break, I thought about that sketch and how the set looked familiar, and how good the sketch was, and behold here it is.
    The Zinger Returns! I was a big fan of this sketch with Baldwin. Mullally plays the Debbie “Slam” Slamowiski. They have a Zingoff. I don’t care about the people who complain about how they hate the sketch and characters, but this takes a great amount of a) physical comedy b) overacting and c) good command of your lines. I admit, I’m a fan, but you gotta at least give them that. Premise paper thin like last time, but this time it had a point (last time it was something like: we’re smart scientists who make things good…I forget, but bad), I can’t complain.
    What happened to that Mars rover? All you hear is boob talk. Hmm…Hail Zinger!

    Actors: Parnell, Seth, Dratch
    Best Line: Parnell: Will you shut up woman! Can’t you see the [imaginary] dominoes are falling!
    Length: 5.10
    Rating: 8/10

    Oh, they faked us back with a megan graphic then a stupid AFL commercial. Bastards.
    Screw their levi jeans and their possessed el camino. Stupid commercial.

    <B> Performance Two </B>

    No Comment.

    Ok, 12.53. Garbage time. Time for that one last 3 minute sketch., then fear factor commercials

    <B> ticket, please </B>
    Kenan can sing. He comes in as Leon Warwick, nephew of Dionne Warwick. Megan comes in as Connie Raitt, niece of Bonnie Raitt. . Clay comes out as tray aiken, and she lets him in.
    Wasn’t anything special, but what do you really expect at 12.53?
    A point for Kenan’s singing though.

    Actors: Amy, Kenan, Parnell,
    Best Line: --
    Rating: 4

    And that’s it…goodnight.
    Credits cut off for…..Friends commercial. Seriously, it’s time for that show to end.

    <B> Overall </B> I had no expectations, and they were exceeded. It was a very solid show with some damn good sketches. Some of it, like Oprah, made no sense to me, but other than that, Celeb poker was great, Oz was a top 5 this year, Return of the Zinger. Good stuff. It’s strange to say that Weekend Update brought it down a little bit. Take out Oprah and and that STUPID huggies commercial, it’d be a 57, that’s a big difference.

    <B> Overall Rating: 63/120 (.515) </B>
    Felt like: 6.5

    Appearance in Sketches: (tonight/season)
    Seth 6/31
    Parnell 6/43
    Amy 5/45
    Dratch 5/38
    Forte 4/26
    Kenan 4/29
    Horatio 3/36
    Armison 3/33
    Maya 3/48
    Fallon 3/38
    Hammond 3/22
    Finesse 2/21
    Fey 2/19
    Jeff Richards 0/22 No Longer a troupe member

    Comments Welcome. Enjoy your weak.
    Thank you

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    Clay was awesome. He totally nailed his one singing line in the monologue. I had to rewind and watch those few seconds a couple of times. And in the sketch at the end of the show, he made the white man's afro look good. I wish he had been in more sketches, though. I'm surprised they didn't have an American Idol sketch for him to be in. Something where he told off Simon would have been nice.
    "You better shut your mouth when you're talkin' to me!"

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    Too predictable.

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    I was laughing my ass off when they did the "She Bangs" parody. Jimmy Fallen had that guy's hand/arm gestures down pat.

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