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Thread: Saturday Night Live

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    Re: Saturday Night Live

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    I watched and thought some sketches were very good and others were awful. Kind of like normal. It's been a LONG time (I can't even remember the episode) since I said, "Wow, that was a great episode!" It seems to be a lot of hit and miss. Looking forward to Bill Hader hosting because we might see Stefon!
    Since Seth Myers left, it seems to me every week like some of the sketches are written by high school kids... or maybe I'm just getting old and don't appreciate the humor. This week it was the Sasquatch sketch that seemed like juvenile humor to me, and the dinner with the parents sketch was just borderline amusing. I didn't know who James Bey was before this show, and I really liked him. Also looking forward to Stefon!

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    Re: Saturday Night Live

    They may surprise us, but I'm not getting my hopes up for Stefon. He was written by John Mulaney, and it was Mulaney's ability to add lines between the dress rehearsal and live show that always made Hader laugh. He has sent in some writing since he left SNL, and did write a sketch over the phone at least once. But he's on tour right now with his stand up so he may not be able to.

    With regards to the different sketches / juvenile humor, etc, I think that's what makes the show great. I remember Seth Meyers saying once (I think he was quoting Lorne Michaels) that a great SNL should have two sketches you quote, 1-2 you hate and others that make you laugh. What each person identifies as each of those will be different, but if everyone reacts that way, it means they gave a variety of forms of comedy and reached a broad audience.
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    Re: Saturday Night Live

    Bill Hader's Stefon returns to 'Saturday Night Live' and we are blessed for it


    STEFON!!!!! BH was his usual hysterical STEFON!!!!!

    This was a GREAT SNL!!!!

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    Re: Saturday Night Live

    I found myself laughing out loud more than I usually do, it was a GREAT episode.
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    Re: Saturday Night Live

    I love Bill Hader!
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