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Thread: Saturday Night Live

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    Agree with you again, psi. NOT FUNNY. Well, at least not much funny. The Bush opening was TERRIBLE, I tells ya!
    "You don't own a TV?!? What's all your furniture pointed at?" Joey Tribianni

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    Whatever happened to Cheri O'Teri? She was my favorite woman on the show. I loved her as a Spartan cheerleader, and as that old prescription drug addicted lady, and as the simma down lady. She was a riot.
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    Like most former cast members, fades into obscurity.

    She was in Dumb and Dumberer though.

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    Review 11/8 Andy Roddick

    Episode V: Andy Roddick / Dave Matthews

    <B>Opening Words:</B>

    I have a couple of things to discuss this week. First off, I am not alone in saying this- seriously, no more Horatio and Jimmy in the same sketch. It was funny the first 27 times they broke character, but now its just gets old. It kills half the sketches they’re in and drains all the energy.
    Secondly, I was bored and decided to surf around the internet movie database (imdb) for SNL writers. I noticed Adam McKay (who is brilliant) and a number of others left the show in 2001, the last decent year of the show. Hmmm…could it be that the new writers are not as good as their predecessors? I say yes, but only time will tell. But two of the new writers I did notice are the comedy team Slovin and Allen. They had that comedy central special a few years ago and is rerun about every other week. I have mixed feelings about their work. They capture the subtleness that is very hard to do, but I don’t think, overall, they’re that funny. Make sense? No. But I thought it was interesting when Will Ferrell left, a good number of writers did as well.
    Lastly, one of the problems I have with SNL is their obvious lack of development for new characters. There is one simple flaw- weekend update. Look at former hosts- Colin Quinn, Norm McDonald, Kevin Nealon. When these people did WU, they were not the top cast members for that year. Quinn was nothing more than a background player at best. So why not hand over WU to the new guys like Forte, Richards, Armison, or Myers. You don’t need one of your biggest people doing it. How do you develop the cast when they’re only on one sketch a night. Next year, they’ll probably be in Labron James syndome, getting some new guy and putting the weight of the show on his shoulders. Because like I said last week, I think Fallon and Hammond are gone, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Horatio leave. So who’s going to carry on the show for another year?

    <B> Beforehand </B>
    Andy Roddick, eh. My expectations fall between Johnny Mosley (so-so) to Jeff Gordon (why am I watching this?) I’m sorry, tennis is not a mainstream sport, and here in sweeps month, networks bring out their big names who will attract people on namesake alone (like the J-Lo’s, and the Walken’s) but a tennis player? Men’s tennis has no draw in America. Why not get a bowling professional or one of those lumberjacks I see on OLN. The last two shows were almost painful to watch, why should I expect any different? You know, if you expect the worst, and anything but happens, you can consider it a small victory.

    <B> Cold Opening </B> 20/20 martha stewart

    Since when did Martha Stewart come back into the news and when did any way did they think this would get a laugh? The problem is that when you had Ana Gasteyer and Cheri O’Teri who did much better impressions, its hard to compare. Also, it’s hard when its not that funny at all.

    Actors: Dratch, Poehler
    Best Line: Dratch: One person went so far as to call you a ‘see you next Tuesday.’

    <B> Monologue </B>

    I can see JB is back due to the tremendous success last week, but much like Joe Millionaire two, it seems to be lacking. The McEnroe ripping on Roddick part was both expected and funny. But will someone tell me when it became Finesse’s monologue? Also, it’s not good when both SNL and Mad TV open with Hey Ya openings…only theirs was 10 times better. Finesse, again, didn’t seem to be that funny.

    Actors: Finesse, Tina, Amy, Maya, Dratch
    Best Line: McEnroe: I’ve been number one for four years, you’ve been number one for like four days.
    Length: 4.20
    Rating: 7/10

    <B> Commercial: Cryogenix </B>

    Get Frozen now, so when they actually put a good show on, they can unfreeze you. Whenever will that be. Audience didn’t even laugh at this one, and they always laugh at stupid commercials like this.

    Actors: Parnell, Maya, Amy, Seth, Richards
    Best Line: If it’s good enough for Ted Williams, its good enough for me.
    Length: 1.00
    Rating: 2/10

    <B> Z105 </B>

    What’s with the old stock footage of traffic? What’s that from, 1995? Fallon keeps his Pat O’Brien impersonation. Is this supposed to be the new NPR? What was so funny with the “and we’re back” line followed by that looooong pause? Eh, so so.

    Actors: Fallon
    Best Line: Roddick: He’s not even a real person , Fallon: Why, because he’s black?
    Rating: 5/10

    <B> Tennis Battle of the Sexes 2 </B>

    Andy Roddick plays himself….again. What depth to his acting. “Hmm…you can play yourself…or yourself. John McEnroe sounds a lot like Hammond’s Hardball impersination. Wasn’t really that funny. The long outside tennis bits..ok, he’s #1. Gotcha. Hammond said it best with “this is a terrible terrible idea.”

    Actors: Finesse, Kenan, Armison, Hammond
    Best Line: McEnroe: Not much to say other than this was a really horrible idea all around
    Length: 4.00
    Rating: 3/10

    Next Week- Alec Baldwin and Missy “I will eat you” Elliott. Alec always puts up solid shows. I think he’s in that level with Goodman and Walken. Hopefully he won’t disappoint me.

    <B> Mary Poppins spoof </b>

    Finally he doesn’t play himself, but Mary Poppins (or as the simpsons called, Sherri Bobbins). I know you can’t see, but I have a puzzled look on my face. I ask why. It was…good…but not funny. It was good, but not funny…like King of the Hill.

    Actors: Parnell, Amy, Dratch
    Best Line: Parnell: Your mother and I have bedroom related things to work on
    Length: 4.00
    Rating: 7/10

    <B> Interlude </B>

    Chris Parnell and John McEnroe rant on Roddick and do some witty creative banter.

    Actors: Parnell
    Best Line: McEnroe: Hey, I’ve never had sex with Beyonce before, but if I ever got the chance, I wouldn’t choke up like this kid.
    Length: 1.30
    Rating: 9/10

    <B> Hall and Oats Play Comm Year End Party </B>

    Fianally, Will is on at the 12.01. Not the first half hour, but close. Forte and Armison play Hall and Oates. The end part with the plaques was much better than the beginning. Everyone looks for a solid ending and this had it. A small victory I guess. But Will was on, he was solid Will looks a little bit like Joey Gladstone in Full House.

    Actors: Forte, Armison
    Best Line: Singing: Whoa, here come the plaques…
    Length: 4.00
    Rating: 8/10

    <B> Interlude 2 </B>

    Kenan plays Venus and Serena’s father. Roddick as himself…Kenan wants to adopt Roddick into the Williams family. They should’ve stuck with McEnroe for the interludes. Its not Kenan’s fault. He tried, just wasn’t that funny.

    Actors: Kenan
    Best Line: Kenan: What would Richards Williams know about raising tennis Champions?
    Rating: 3/10

    <B> Performance 1</b>
    Not a fan. Never was. But…how does this qualify as a “solo project?”

    Oh good, Law and Order whatever, and the Jessica Lynch movie’s on NBC Sunday…yet another reason for me not to watch NBC on Sunday Nights.

    <B> Weekend Update </B>

    Tina has changed up her hair for this week, going for the Cameron Diaz tease look. I think the first set of jokes fell mostly flat. Didn’t have the crowd behind them 100%. Forte resurrects the Tim Calhoun character. Could it be, he’s been in back to back sketches? Is this same sort of record? His Calhoun was great. Tina and Jimmy go for a second round of ‘news.’ Tina and the lesbian jokes again. Am I missing something with that? Jokes were better this time, resorting to digs on this one. The Letterman joke, I thought, had a world of potential, but the ‘yes, it floats’ punchline. Eh. Joke wasted. Then Horatio comes on..and even before he comes on, Jimmy breaks into laughter. 12 seconds into their interaction, they both break character. Good Rosie sounds a lot like Drunk Girl. And the mauling of Tina at the end, I can never get tired of that. Solid 8 for Horatio actually getting though the scene and Forte’s calhoun

    Pencil hits the camera

    Actors: Fallon, Fey, Forte, Horatio
    Best Line: Forte: I’m glad that drunk driving is illegal. When I’m drunk, I drive like crap
    Length: 9.10
    Rating: 8/10

    <B> Tennis Talk </b>

    Maya resurrects her piano playing time traveling talk show. I do not find this character funny at all, never have. All the piano playing kills the jokes, then you hear two people chuckle in the background because she’s playing the piano. If they cut out that part and had more interaction between the 3 Agassis. I cannot salvage even one good thing from this sketch…oh wait. Back to back to back Will. Why do they keep this character?

    Actors: Maya, Seth, Forte
    Best Line: Forte: Yes the world’s a very different place in 2008.
    Length: 4.50
    Rating: 2/10

    <B> Merv the Perv </B>

    I smell reoccurring character…and it doesn’t smell good. Merv goes to the gynecologist’s office and tries to pick up women. It’s a sketch I can swear I’ve seen many times before. I bet this will get rave reviews elsewhere, but…from here, nothing.

    Actors: Dratch, Poelher, Maya, Parnell
    Best Line: Parnell: Why I don’t get into your orifice and leave you a bone
    Length: 4.05
    Rating: 3/10

    <B> Performance 2 </b>

    <B> Jock Talk </B>

    Listening to the live crowd, who usually laughs at everything, was mostly silent. It’s sad how they messed up the music cue, but that speaks volumes about the sketch. Richards sounds like a male drunk girl. McEnroe comes in as Richard’s Dad. I applaud the concept, however, the execution was not there.

    Actors: Richards, Seth
    Best Line: McEnroe: Geez, I hate to break up Riverdance….
    Length: 4.30
    Rating: 5/10

    <B> Action News 13 </B>

    BTO, eh? What an obscure reference. Another great concept, and this one was actually executed well. Seems like something Slovin and Allen would write. Would be higher if it were actually funny, but solid.

    Actors: Maya, Will
    Best Line: none
    Length: 2.45
    Rating: 7/10

    Closing Credits. Goodnight everyone.
    <B> Overall </B>
    It seems like John McEnroe should have been a split co-host with Andy as he did just as much work. As for performances, I thought the majority of the show was solid, not spectacular. They wrote skits where we was just an accessorial part, which is a smart move. It was one of those shows where, when I watched it live, I didn’t think it was that great, but after some much needed sleep, it seemed a little better. I didn’t expect much coming into it and, to my surprise, some of the sketches and players were actually good. The score may seem to be strikingly similar to every other show, but McEnroe did garner probably a ¼ of the points. But it was ok. Like always there are bits that drag the final rating down (tennis talk and merv) But every sketch isn’t a winner. Plus, lots of Will Forte is always a plus.

    <B> OVERALL RATING 74/140 (5.2) </B>
    Felt Like: 5.5
    Best Performer: John McEnroe, but since he’s not a cast member, Will Forte.
    Worst Performer: Jeff Richards. His jock talk character was just a male drunk girl.
    Line of the Night: Forte: I’m glad that drunk driving is illegal. When I’m drunk, I drive like crap

    Appearance in sketches (this week/season total)

    Maya 5/22
    Amy 5/20
    Dratch 4/18
    Parnell 4/18
    Forte 4/12
    Seth 3/11
    Finesse 2/11
    Kenan 2/10
    Tina 2/9
    Richards 2/11
    Fallon 2/13
    Armison 2/10
    Hammond 1/8
    Horatio 1/15

    Final Words: it wasn’t bad this week. There were some decent sketches, which I guess is because Andy isn’t an actor. We’ll see how they do next week.

    Please keep sending me mail. I enjoy it. PsiX0@lycos.com.

    Thank You

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    PSi's Review 11/15 Alec Baldwin

    Episode VI: Alec Baldwin and Missy Elliott

    <B> Opening Words </B>

    I don’t really have any comments regarding anything strange enough. Usually I rant on for pages and pages about how this season is sub par and whatnot, but we all know it is. The only real problem I have this week is with the reviews I read. I don’t understand your rating system. It is virtually impossible to score an A in any review. That means every single sketch would have to get at least an 8 or 9 to average out an A. That is not possible with an hour and a half show. There’s always a sketch which is ok or just plain bad. Why not have 80-100 be an A? I don’t think the academic grading system works. But it could be worse. I had a class in High School where a B+ was 88-92. . . and I wondered why my grades were sub par? Oh yeah, I never did any work.

    <B> Beforehand </B>

    Maybe expectations are not a good thing with this show, but Alec Baldwin shows always seem to be solid, from his canteen boy skit to his NPR cameo, there always seems to be something positive that comes out of these shows. Who knows, I’ve seen stranger things.

    <B> Cold Opening </B> Presidential announcement

    Must I copy and paste last week’s commentary on Hammond’s bush impersonation? The sad thing is, I think it has gotten even worse. The slow pacing of W has all but disappeared here, so now it’s just Darryl in Bush clothing. I really am beginning to wonder why Parnell isn’t doing it any more? Maybe he didn’t want to. Frankly, I don’t blame him, but sometimes you gotta take one for the team. Hammond was good as Chaney, why not stick with what works? This is even less funnier than last week’s, and the crowd’s lack of laughter though most of the piece….*shakes head* To be an impersonator, you, at the least, either need the voice or the mannerisms. And if you’re a comedic impersonator, you need to be funny. Darryl’s impersonation has none of this.

    Actors: Hammond
    Best Line: It took people’s minds off the economy, which was frankly depressing, but I got to land on an aircraft carrier.
    Length: 5.10
    Rating: 3/10

    <B> Monologue </B>

    Oh no, Horatio and Jimmy are in the background in the beginning. In theory, this is a disasterpiece waiting to happen. Lucky for us, they do what they do best- laugh hysterically at any given point. At least this time, they’re actually scripted to…or are they? They play rouge band members who break character, trying to help out Baldwin…as opposed to rouge cast members who break character to amuse themselves. French Horn though…what an obscure instrument.
    In a total surprise, Mike Myers plays an inept boom mic tech doin his shrek/all things Scottish/fat bastard impersonation. Mike does what he does best, promos his movie in a not so subtle fashion….kinda like how he does with every public appearance.

    Actors: Jimmy, Horatio
    Best Line: Mike: Check’s in the bank, no heavy lifting.
    Length: 4.00
    Rating:10/10 for nostalgia purposes…back when the show was good. Nothing against Baldwin, but why not get Myers to host? That’d be an easy slam dunk?

    <B> Commercial </B> Huggies Thongs

    again? Recycling old commercials already? I wasn’t a fan of this commercial when it first came out, and still not a fan. …and why must they use such a stupid pun.

    Actors: Maya, Dratch
    Best Line: none.
    Length: .50
    Rating: 4/10

    <B> Frank Landsman, Plastic Surgeon </B>

    Baldwin plays a shady plastic surgeon who tries to get the girl to get bigger breasts. It was one of those sketches that was good, but it wasn’t that funny…kinda like King of the Hill.

    Actors: Poehler
    Best Line: Baldwin: How bout this, we don’t give you implants. We take your breasts and mash them together into one good one.
    Length: 3.10

    Man that new McDonald’s marketing campaign is lame. Ohh, there’s so urban. Blech.

    <B> The Zinger vs. The Burn </B>

    Seth resurrects pretty much most of his pranksters character. Mostly physical humor in this bit. Nothing like a little pseudo-slapstick here and there. The premise of them being scientists trying to save a multi billion dollar satellite…was really too ambitious of a background. Very unnecessary and detracted a bit from the sketch as a whole, so a couple points for that. In the end though, it was simple. It made me laugh. What more can I ask for?

    Actors: Parnell, Maya, Seth,
    Best Line: Baldwin: Don’t even think about touching this? Isn’t that what the picture of your crotch says at the free clinic?
    Length: 5.05
    Rating: 8/10

    Next Live: Al Sharpton and Pink. Insert Joke here ____________

    <B> Tony Bennett show </b>

    I can bet good money and get a good return that maybe 2/3 of the kids out there don’t know who the hell he is. Not that good of a Bennett impersonation. Horatio is the co-host. Armison plays the murdering durst. Come on, seriously. He cut up his neighbor in pieces, claims self-defense, and gets acquitted? Whaaaa? Strange 50’s live advertisement with Stayfree maxi pads. Strange. Armison gets a rare appearance in the first half hour of the show. Another sketch that was good, but not that funny.

    Actors: Horatio, Armison
    Best Line: Baldwin: It’s a shame that their monthly’s keep them from wearing cream colored pants suits.
    Length: 5.50

    <B> Commercial </B> Gaystrogen

    Another Re-run commercial? Should I copy and paste again? I know they reuse commercials and I have no problem with that, but six episodes in? They could have at least given us one new commercial. It’s not like those are hard to produce. That’s like airing a rerun in the first month of the new season. Hmm…

    Actors: Armison, Parnell, Finesse
    Best Line: none
    Length: .50
    Rating: 5/10

    <B> Falconer </b>

    YES! I waited for the falconer to return. Bonus points to Will for being upside down the whole sketch. This time, the Falconer gets caught in a wolf trap, asks for help. The falcon goes to a casino instead. Man, if I could only get a falcon that could play blackjack, the slots, and craps, I’d be all set…but it’d have to be cocaine free. Is that the same old woman from oops I crapped my pants and the robot insurance?

    Actors: Falconer, Kenan, Armison,
    Best Line: That’s not racist, piñatas are of Mexican origin.
    Length: 3.33
    Rating: 9/10

    <B> Missy performs </B>
    Oooh, how edgy. Pass that joint. What is this, the Cheech and Chong Hour? First a skit with coke, now a pot reference….what’s next, heroin? then they change it to pass that…Dutch? And the background dancers do a quick riverdance…What?

    <B> Weekend Update </B>

    You think they would update the Weekend Update intro. Tina gets booed for her Gore joke. Fallon scores big with Bush and Judd jokes. Tina’s hair gets more and more teased every episode. Forte comes and tries to sell the Will Forte Sex tape…hmmm…no comment? A jethro tull reference…lost on many. I don’t get that ‘oh snap, let’s dance around like idiots’ spiel. Its lost on me.
    I don’t know. The forte thing was funny, yet disturbing. The jokes were, for the most part, good. The Christian/Nicholson/Tina thing was…not a fan. That ‘s a couple of points off for that unnecessary bit.
    Pencil a little low and to the left.

    Actors: Fey, Fallon, Forte, Armison,
    Best Line: Fallon- In a Veteran’s Day speech this Tuesday, President Bush vowed ‘we will finish the mission we begun, period.’ Afterwards, he was advised that, in the future, he doesn’t have to read the punctuation marks
    Length: 7 and change.
    Rating: 8/10

    McDonald’s. We’re ghetto cool now. Stupid campaign

    <B> C-SPAN </b> Anthony McCollum

    Seth and Amy break out her British accent again. Let’s play the sexual innuendo game, this time with a British twist. My tape mysteriously stopped in the middle. Strange, I have maybe a half hour of taping left, so length is n/a. I wasn’t a fan of the Col. Angus sketch last year (which everyone seemed to love), and the same goes for here. You know, a good number of people in England don’t even care about the Royal Family.
    On the morning viewing, I realize that I lost 90% of this skit, so all I really can go off of is my initial gut reaction. One thing, did you notice how Fred has been in the last five sketches? Hmmm..

    Actors: Poehler, Horatio, Seth, Armison,
    Best Line: n/a.
    Length: n/a
    Rating: 5

    <B>Keen Corporation </B> meeting at Embassy Suites

    Amy and Alec have a big presentation, but they decided to work on other projects, and give a shoddy report. I get a funny feeling that this sketch won’t be making it to reruns. No, not because of it’s ‘adult’ nature, no, because it just wasn’t that good. Why have Finesse, Kenan, and Rachael in the scene if they’re just cameos? Have them say something…anything.

    Actors: Seth, Richards, Kenan, Finesse, Amy, Dratch
    Best Line: Amy: Well that Prince CD didn’t start playing by itself.
    Length: 4.49
    Rating: 4

    Next Week, Halle Berry and Brittany Spears. That show…its ratings were inflated by the absurd amount of commercials

    <B> Missy Performs again… </b>
    I like how the crowd didn’t respond to whatever the backup rapper’s name is in the beginning. . Performs Work it. I don’t want to hear rhymes about Missy Elliott having sex…better yet, cunnilingus. ew. Must admit, the break dancers were good.

    Well, it’s the last 10 minutes of the show. Time for the garbage sketches that usually bring down my ratings.

    <B>Return of Roy </B>

    2005: Sigfield gets his Roy back….only to see him mauled by the same tiger.
    13 months later: Sigfield gets his Roy back…to watch a turtle gauge out his eye.
    That was …short, and strange. You know what is also strange, the three cameo actors in the background got more lines than Finesse and Kenan have gotten this evening and Amy in this sketch.

    Actors: Richards, Amy
    Best Line: none
    Length: 2.45
    Rating: 4

    <B> Shinewald Studios </B>

    Rachael, instead of playing old women, plays an old man, but she used her old woman mannerisms. Unfortnately, this is the part of the show where I go “boy was that sketch bad. Here’s its 3 or 4, watch it bring down my ratings and comment on how it does so…” This sketch was bad. What, they run a porno production company that passed on the Matrix and Lord of the Rings? When did porn companies buy big budget films. Dud.

    Actors: Seth, Armison, Dratch
    Best Line: Baldwin: Autumn’s sweet breath? Two questions. Who’s Autumn and do I want to bang her?
    Length: 4.55
    Rating: 4

    Wow, 12.58 and they’re not trying to get another sketch in. Maybe this time we’ll actually see the whole credits. Nope. Cut off at 12.59 for a Friends commercial. Why bother?

    <B>Overall: </B>
    No speaking roles for Finesse, One line for Kenan…Lots of Fred. What happened? I thought that this would be a solid episode and it seems that it was. Take out the three crappiest sketches that won’t make it to reruns, and you have yourself a good show. It’s a shame that the last few sketches always bring the show down, but that’s the nature of an hour and a half show. It was good. Simply put. Lots of Fred though. Strange.

    <B> Overall Rating: 78/130 (6/10) </B>
    Felt Like: 6.5
    Best Performer: Fred Armison. For a career cameo/never appear before 12.30 member, Fred was in almost half the sketches of the night. That’s impressive.
    Worst Performer: Darryl Hammond. Horrible Impersonation. You know, it’s sad when Tina Fey, who’s not a *real* cast member, is in more sketches than him.
    Line of the Night: Jimmy Fallon: In a Veteran’s Day speech this Tuesday, President Bush vowed ‘we will finish the mission we begun, period.’ Afterwards, he was advised that, in the future, he doesn’t have to read the punctuation marks. punctuation marks

    Appearance in sketches (this week/season total)

    Armison 6/16
    Amy 4/24
    Seth 4/15
    Dratch 3/21
    Maya 2/24
    Horatio 3/18
    Fallon 2/15
    Forte 2/14
    Richards 2/13
    Kenan 2/12
    Parnell 2/20
    Finesse 1/12
    Hammond 1/9
    Fey 1/10

    Final Words: Good show. No need to elaborate. Alec always has a solid show. What more can I say?
    Please send me mail. Something, anything. PsiX0@lycos.com

    Thank you for Reading

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    I thought Alec Baldwin did a great job. It seems like a lot of actors leave their acting skills at home when they do SNL, but Alec was great. He commits to all his characters.

    I wish they'd show more Kenan. I enjoyed his work as a child actor and would like to see him get more roles on this show to see what he can do with more adult parts.

    BTW, this week's TV Guide says they are coming out with a Best of Cheri Oteri dvd.
    "You better shut your mouth when you're talkin' to me!"

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    A Cheri O'Teri DVD...good for her.

    But, come on, you didn't like Kenan's one line- Blackjack. The way he delivered it. Great

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    Thanks again, PSI!! I only found myself laughing out loud once or twice...giggling once for each skit...and not impressed by the George W. impersonation. I kept waiting for him to say the new dictator was going to be George Sr.!!
    "You don't own a TV?!? What's all your furniture pointed at?" Joey Tribianni

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    Thanks PSi. I look forward to your reviews each week

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    SNL All-Stars

    If you could assemble a cast of 10 current or former SNL castmembers for an all-star episode, who would you pick?


    1) Mike Myers
    2) Dana Carvey
    3) Adam Sandler
    4) Will Ferrell
    5) Cheri Oteri
    6) Eddie Murphy
    7) Chris Kattan
    8) Parnell (blanking on first name) (in place of Phil Hartman)
    9) Horatio Sans (in place of Chris Farley)
    10) ?? Maybe Jimmy Fallon..

    I'm sure that list will change once I can remember some other names.

    Host: Cameron Diaz (needed to add a woman to the show)
    Musical Guest: Barenaked Ladies
    "You better shut your mouth when you're talkin' to me!"

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