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Thread: Saturday Night Live

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddio
    And PSi's recap was also right on the money too...she DOES look plastic...her face is all shiney like a dolls, and her boob job was horribly done...they sit way too far apart and generally are just too big for her frame...and yes it does seem like she needs to have her bra popping out of every outfit.
    Oh good, I thought it was just me the way her boobs popped out of the top of her shirt, all I could think was that they looked exactly like the boobs on the kids' Barbies
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    Latest News:

    May 8th Host. Snoop Dogg with Musical Guest Avril Lavigne

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    Snoop Dogg is going to be an awesome host! I have to tape this one!

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    I don't know about Avril Lavigne though...

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    Anyone who's seen Doggie Fizzle Televizzle knows he's funny and can act, so it won't be like Al Sharpton, Trump, or Roddick, but Avril.....what do you expect when Lindsay Lohan and MaryKateandAshley are hosting?

    i'll enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSi
    Latest News:

    May 8th Host. Snoop Dogg with Musical Guest Avril Lavigne
    I probablly wont watch that one. I cant stand Snoop Dog. Its going to be a whole show about black stereotypes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macontosh2000
    I probablly wont watch that one. I cant stand Snoop Dog. Its going to be a whole show about black stereotypes.
    5 bucks says he is involved in at least one skit where a pimp is present

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    Darn... I missed last night's episode. Had to go to bed early for work.

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    I would rate yesturday's episode a 6.7/10

    I really loved the line about Trump on 'Weekend Update'

    The disney skit was so funny as well.

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    Lindsay Lohan 5/1

    Episode XVIII: Lindsay Lohan and Usher

    <B> Opening Words </B>

    I am sick of seeing all the Mean Girls commercials. If I hear another “I’m psychic, I have ESPN” line, I swear….(trails off). I’ll be honest. I have very little expectations this week, and after seeing her MTV Diary I have even less. I expected little for the Colin Firth episode and was pleasantly surprised…but then again, I expected little for Jennifer Anniston, and look how crappy that episode was. If something good comes out it, well, it’ll be good. If it’s an hour and a half of pain, then it’ll be worse watching it the second time around.

    One thing, there’s a local commercial here for a car dealership The Car Store, but I hate those commercials because they all say “Cah Staw” I hate the Boston accent so much.

    <B> Cold Opening </B> Prepping for 9/11 commission

    Will on in the first sketch. That could be a good sign. Chaney and Bush go over how to deal with the 9/11 committee. Hmmm…seems eerily similar to the Janet sketch. I guess they can save on sets. Chaney quizzes Bush, who responds by reading the answers off his arm/leg. This seemed to have gone on a bit long, plus seemed to be recycled? It could be me, but “ok, show me you’re face when they ask this” I don’t know, maybe I’m just having déjà vu or something. Of course since Forte was in it, that gets a few points, but the cold openings have been disappointing this seaosn

    Will gets the Live from NY

    Actors: Forte, Hammond
    Best Line: Forte: I am George w. bush and I approved this muffin
    Length: 5.10
    Rating: 5

    <B> Monologue </B>

    Lindsay comes on stage and talks about her supposed beef with Hillary Duff. She is speaking very very fast, poor nervous girl. Rachael then comes on as Hillary, but looks and sounds like Ally McBeal. Can’t fool me. They squash the supposed fued. Hillary then says she has one with Avril. Enter Amy, with her “I’m punk, F you!” attitude. It’s kind of sad that a) Lindsay is taller than these two and b) …thicker than the other two. Avril then squashes the beef with Whitney Houston. Enter annoying Maya who’s really phoning it in these days. It’s sad. I thought she was good a few years ago. Chris Parnell then comes on stage and says he still has problems with Houston. This was nothing special, and outside of Amy’s Avril performance. So I guess this middle of the roader will get a five…and with the sketches coming up, I know I should give a pity point somewhere. You know, in five years, no one’s probably (hopefully) going to remember who any of those three are.

    Actors: Dratch, Amy, Maya, Parnell
    Best Line: Parnell: I know from website that you turn 18 in 63 days and 25 minutes.
    Length: 4.40
    Rating: 5

    <B> Turlington’s tattoo removal </B>

    It’s true.
    The premise of the commercial is that you can remove those cool at one time but now you’re old back tattoos with a painful deoderant.

    Actors: Amy, Parnell, Maya
    Best Line: 1.25
    Rating: B+

    <B> Jarret’s Room </B>

    They have their intro, DJ Feinstein is Toxic Spears. Gobi invents a robot that smokes weed. Lindsay plays Skyler, a stoner who has a 10 second memory span and is moving into the room, since they’re getting kicked off campus… Ok. Then the robot needs more for more weed, gets some, freaks out and leaves. And that’s it. not much interaction at all. Not very good. One has to wonder though- if Jarret’s getting kicked off campus, does that mean Jimmy’s gone?

    Actors: Fallon, Horatio, Myers, Will
    Best Line:
    Length: 5.35
    Rating: 4

    <B>Harry Potter </B>

    Apparently Lindsay is some woman…Hermione? *shrugs*.and they stare at her breasts the whole time. Parnell and Jimmy come in and stare at her breasts as well. Will plays the evil professor, comes in, stares at breasts and leaves. Horatio comes in as some grizzled old man Now is it just me, or do I think this is wrong?
    Maybe it would’ve been funnier a) had she not been 17 and b) had I read the book or seen the movie? I knew harry potter and that was it. I read some places that this was the funniest sketch of the night, but it was totally over my head since all I can say “uh, harry and other people look at lohan’s breasts. Lindsay is doing some major reading off the cue cards, like major reading. Over my head, and I’m not afraid t say it.

    Actors: Seth, Rachael, Parnell, Jimmy, Will, Horatio
    Best Line: Jimmy: You’ll have to cool it with the nerd stuff, shut up
    Length: 5.10
    Rating: 5

    <B>Billy Joel Drives</B>

    I called it earlier in the week. I knew they’d do some Billy Joel stuff. I can go into major commentary about kids and not knowing about music history, but I’ll just go on with the sketch. Billy does everything but drive. This was ok, until they threw the mailbox on the car and it gets stuck there. Horatio then has to lean out the window and knock it off.
    Billy goes on and isn’t driving and it is ok, but then the mailbox hits the car and gets stuck by accident. GREAT. Them crashing into the brick wall at the end was really bad. Other than that, it was nothing special, but funny. Mailbox was good.

    Actors: Maya, Tina, Amy, Horatio
    Best Line: Bottle of Pineapple schnapps.
    Length: 4.50
    Rating: 7

    <B> Musical Performance 1 </B> Usher

    Moving on…

    <B> Weekend Update </b>

    Starts off with a Bush joke. What a surprise. Jimmy likes his Michael Jackson joke. Tina has a good “no matter where you live, retired sports stars are allowed to kill you.” Weird aside where Jimmy talks off screeching halt. Tina does another bush joke, this time with impersonation. Horatio comes on to talk about getting his GED. So that’s who Jimmy was talking to off camera, or was it? they make reference to some guy in the audience *shrugs*. He talks about how he’s trying to get his GED. This was long and not funny. He sounds like Vasquez, looks like Gene Shallit. They go back to their weird “oob flrum” speak….remember, from the old Justin Timberlake episode. It didn’t work then, and it didn’t work now. Crowd didn’t buy it at all.
    And that’s it… Pencil low. I was not impressed

    Actors: Fallon, Fey, Horatio
    Best Line: Sharon Stone was given an award by [some gay and lesbian group] Citing her unending support in Gay and Lesbian haircuts
    Length: 8.35
    Rating: 5

    <B>Debbie Downer </B>

    New Character. Debbie Downer, who will ruin any occasion. Family time at DisneyWorld… and the concept was bad, but Jimmy cracks after joke two, then Rachel laughs at the Koren train explosion . ..then one by one they all lose it, and I mean lose it. …except for Fred, who kind keeps composure. This is where laughing actually works and makes it funny. The sketch wasn’t funny, but all the breaking of characters was. I admit, this was the hardest I’ve laughed at SNL in at least half a dozen episodes, but it wasn’t because of the acting or writing.

    Actors: Fallon, Dratch, Amy, Fred, Horatio, Kenan
    Best Line:
    Length: 6.00
    Rating: 7

    <B>Club Traxx </b>

    Apparently this was a reoccurring sketch. I don’t remember it. It’s like the European TRL, but 10 times worse. They talk about how they like Reggae then do the top 3 videos. Amy uses old old music (from Mike Myers german dance show), shirtless Will. Then Lindsay and Rachael as tATu. They sing about how they’re going to kiss. Then that’s it. This was pretty bad. Ok, it could be me but tATu was big like 9 months ago, and now have done nothing.

    Actors: Fred, Maya, Amy, Will, Rachael, Parnell
    Best Line:
    Length: 4.35
    Rating: 4

    <B> Sleepover </b>

    Amy plays a spazzed out kid who’s having a sleepover, Lindsay comes over and they talk about. Amy’s voice sounds like that stupid girl on MadTV (I ate my eyeball), or for you Amy fans, the girlscout from the unibomber episode from her UCB days. This is bad. Beyond Bad. 1 Point for Horatio, that’s it. Six minutes of pain. It’s that bad

    Actors: Amy, Horatio
    Best Line: It’s a super duper afghan sleeping bag. There are ventilation holes there.
    Length: 6.15
    Rating: 1

    <B> Performance 2</B> Usher

    <B> 17th Annual Adult Film Awards</b>

    the 12.56 sketch. So it’ll be two minutes. A minute of naming names. then ‘hi, I’m ron Jeremy’ edited for FCC ‘that’s it goodnight’ This had potential, but when the Debbie downer episode goes long, this suffers. Actually, no, we all suffer. Six minutes of sleepover

    Actors: Parnell, Horatio
    Best Line:
    Length: 1.25
    Rating: 3

    And that’s it. ending cut. We don’t even get one credit scrolling.

    <B> Overall Rating: 49/100 (4.9)</B>
    Felt Like 4.5-5
    Best Actor: Horatio. He actually held it together
    Worst Actor: Amy. That sleepover bit was beyond painful.
    Best Line: Forte: I am George W. Bush, and I approved this muffin.

    Lindsay reminds me of a young Drew Barrymore…which I don’t think is good. I was watching the episode for a second time, and I just didn’t think it was that good. Her acting was subpar. She was heavy on the cue cards. The wrting wasn’t good. Had it not been for the mailbox and them all laughing, this would be a forgettable episode. One can assume that head writer Tina “I hate bush” Fey took the week off to promote her new movie, and no one else really picked up, Writing it was blah, the host offered really nothing. It was just flubs that saved it. I expected little, and eh…at least I didn’t expect much. When i have a hard time finding a best line for most episodes either i'm getting tired or there really wasn't one. i assume the latter.
    Also, it’s funny. When Will’s not in the episode, there’s an uproar x10. when Finesse isn’t in it, no one notices.

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