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Thread: "The Counteragent" - 11/17

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    I am the one guilty of falling asleep this time, so what happened in the episode?

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    Originally posted by John
    Another thing I have to go back to was the whole Project Christmas thing. If Jack developed it for the CIA, has he been a double agent since the early 80's? Because he REALLY worked for SD-6 this whole time, right? Or was he part of the original splinter group that split from the CIA and started SD-6?
    Hmmm..I'm not sure. I think he was with the original group and then continued with SD-6 when they broke off with the CIA.

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    I'm really curious to see what happens with this Sark/Sloan thing, b/c Sark has ran into Syd when she was on a couple of missions for the CIA, NOT SD-6. I don't think he knows she's a double agent, so will he say something unknowingly to Sloan? Or even if he does find out that she's a double, he will probably use that as leverage to hold over her head. This could & should be a very interesting season.

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