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Thread: "Tell Me Where It Hurts" (11/14)

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    Ah, isn't love and romance in the 2000's wonderful?
    I wish Romano had picked up his severed arm and beat her with it! Maybe he would have, had she been there! LOL
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    Pretty good episode.

    Luka, you don't have to hire a prostitute when you're a hot doctor, good grief. Time for sexaholics annonymous.

    Abby, just a LITTLE too needy there at the end with Carter, but he seems very committed to her right now, more committed to Abby than she is to herself (with how often she does self-destructive things like getting around alcohol).

    Susan, yikes, talk about a bad day. I hate it when all of my clients DIE during a day at work.

    Don Cheedle, getting a little lesson about the downside of extraordianary measures to prolong a life, poor old guy doesn't get to die at home watching football from his armchair.
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    Just got around to watching this. Yes, it takes me forever to get caught up with the Thursday night lineup...I usually finally get through it by the following Tuesdays!

    Luca!?!?! WTF? You are too good for this...don't like the way his character is tanking so quickly. And AS IF he would need to hire a prostitute (although I guess one could have said the same thing for Hugh Grant).

    Yes, I'm sure Kerry is doing either Invitro Fertilization or Interuterine Insemination. Sad that she will miscarry, but I'm having trouble seeing her character continue as it is with a child.
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    I wonder how much Luka's self-destructive behaviour had to do with Abby?

    I just found it funny that Luka had this great day at work playing hero, but his life's a mess...
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