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Thread: What's the name of this episode?

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    What's the name of this episode?

    I saw Third Watch for the first time this last Friday night we had. It was the one where in the beginning, there were shots simutaneously of different couples having sex and it kept switching back and fourth to Carlos court scenes who is being accused of touching that girl's chest, when all he was doing was wrapping her arm with gauze. So, I'm looking for the episode name of the one AFTER the actual ambulance/teenage girl episode...What is this episode called? I'd really like this one on tape, so if anyone knows anything about this one, please let me know. Thanks!

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    I'm not good with episode titles. Ducky, Guardian, any clues? I remember it, but no clue what it was called.
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    Aurhm . . . I have no clue, but NBC.com might be able to tell us.

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    Okay, the episode where we're first introduced to the possible lawsuit is called Castles of Sand.

    The one after that is called Snow Blind, in which Emily ODs on her first dose of "ecstemasy." (insider joke)

    The episode in which Carlos actually is in court is called Letting Go; this is also the episode where Ty and Sully have to rescue a baby from a mentally-challenged mother.

    So the episode after that is called Last Call, and this is the 'intervention episode.'

    Hope that helped. *chuckles* I was in a good mood.

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