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Thread: Joan of Arcadia

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    Thanks CCL, I have always wondered what the real reason was. Yes, I agree that it was getting to dark and not as enjoyable for me as the first season.

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    ~*CCL*~Thanks for the info. Now we know the real reason why. I agree that it had gotten darker but I think it was about to turn a very interesting corner and I would liked to have seen that. That being said he has picked up some shows for this season that have the potential to be very dark. Criminal Minds seems like it gets really dark. Oh well.
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    Re: Joan of Arcadia

    It was great to see Amber Tamblyn again tonight in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. It made me miss Joan all over again. I hope Amber appears on my tv screen again soon.
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    Re: Joan of Arcadia

    I don't know about small screen, but I know they're filming a Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. So she'll be on the big screen soon enough this summer.

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