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Thread: Friends

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    Cleaning toilets in these gloves...
    Quote Originally Posted by babs1003
    Remeber Ross and his leather pants incident?

    I forgot about that one!

    I love all of the flashbacks:
    -Ross and Chandler dressed in Miami Vice garb
    -Chandler with the Flock Of Seagulls hairdo!
    -Rachel's High School nose looking different than her current one (and saying she had a 'deviated septum' :rolleyes)
    -Fat Monica
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    Okay~ As I am reading through these posts, I am laughing out loud hysterically! Which proves to me just how much I love, and will miss, this show!
    I agree that the older episodes were much better!
    I loved Rachel convincing Bonnie to shave her head again.
    All of the Richard shows were divine!
    And, the Brad Pitt episode was a riot! He was great in that one!
    I did think the clip with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal was a bit over the top, but my! they were funny!

    "Pivot!" is my husband's favorite!

    They have gotten too predictable, but I will watch to the end!

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    Most of my favorite moments include Joey [/QUOTE]

    I agree...remember when Joey kept using the "quote/unquote" fingers when talking to Ross about "proposing" to Rachel right after she had the baby. Joey let Ross take a swing at him but ducked and the ended up in the ER and Joey apologizes by saying "I'm sorry", using his fingers!?!?

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    Reading through this thread has really reminded me that there were some great moments on Friends.

    I think it would be a shame if they all went their seperate ways at the end of the series.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    But as they say, leave while you're still on top. And I totally support the crew on their part, though I guess it's kinda heartbreaking for them to leave each other after all the good chemistry !

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