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Cane will get the last laugh on Amber

Amber's past will come back to haunt her

Daniel is drawn to Ambers website and is fascinated.

David tells all that he is the mastermind behind Dru's demise.

Nick & Sharon grow closer, while Phyllis is haunted by her past.

Phyllis blackmails Brad and Sharon.

Brad and Sharon stay a step ahead of Phyllis.

Brad & Sharon profess their love.

Unknown to Paul, Michael or Lauren, Sheila left behind proof for Bardwell of their involvement of holding her in the house in the cell....

Some board members want Brad dismissed...

Does Michael know the story behind the ring he finds (it's Katherines)

Spring Spoilers
- Someone wants to ruin Adrian's life and career in GC!

- Brad and Jack fight over who is right for Sharon; Brad and Sharon may admit their feelings for each other because of something that happens

- Phyllis blackmails Sharon and Brad as she finds out about their one night stand in NYC!

- Nikki gets sick of Victor's attitude towards her and it puts a strain on their marriage

- Kevin past hacking in Jabot's system causes problems for Jack, Kay, Jill, Gloria and others!

- Daniel marraige to Lily may be in jeopardy because of his involvement with Amber and her website!

- Colleen moves in with Jack!

- David tells Jack to dump Sharon!

- Victor and Michael find out Jack is working with Ji Min!

- Dru attempts to protect Sharon after Phyllis blackmails her

- Jack plans on winning Phyllis back!

- Victoria announces she's pregnant!