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Nick doesn't crash and lose his memory for the umpteenth time, The show pretty much goes like this: Phyllis blaming herself for Summer's condition - she's in a coma, Nick initially freezing up - he kept having flashbacks of Cassie, Phyllis convincing him to talk to Summer; Sharon in the Chapel thanking Cassie a million times over for the little girl she's having with Nick; Nick comforting Phyllis, she pulls away, she doesn't pull away; Sharon peeking in on them a couple of times and seeing them hugging, etc. Sharon wondering if it's Karma and deciding NOT to tell Nick the paternity results. Nick telling Phyllis he'll stand by her 100%, and drum roll please: Sharon telling Jack that he is the father (even though he's not). There was some Victor, Adam, Billy, Chloe stuff too but it was boring.