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per SOW/SOD Sharon's at the bookstore with Noah & Eden. Steals some books, puts them in Noah's bag, gets a call that her mom is in the hospital. They go to the hospital. Eden ends up with the bag and the siren goes off when she tries to leave the store.

Sharon confesses to Doris that she's been losing time. Blanking out as she calls it. Doris mentions it's not the first time it's happened to Sharon but Sharon doesn't want to talk about it. Nick calls Sharon about Eden getting into trouble. She goes back to the bookstore, yells at Eden, Phyllis, and eventually Nick, who is trying to calm her. Sharon finds the elephant she stole from Brad but doesn't remember taking it. She uses the key in Brad's hiding spot to go back into his house & put the elephant back, it ends up breaking, and she starts to have a panic attack. Also she and Billy decide not to say anything about their night.