So far, I don't think this season is as good as last season. Kim is a *&#%@$! moron, the kid is almost as bad (I give her just a teeny bit of slack b/c she's a kid, but nonetheless, annoying as all get-out) How can someone as smart as Jack produce offspring as dumb as Kim? Oh, I forgot, she's also the spawn of Teri, who she apparently took after in the brainless dept.
Tony is a hottie ~ glad he wasn't the bad guy last season!
Mason ~ I agree w/Ilikai, death by radiation is too extreme! What a crappy way to die. I think I'd put a bullet in my own head at that point. I don't like him either but I felt bad for him...or I did until I saw the promo for next week. Then I remembered what a d***head he is.