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Thread: Ed Season Premier 9/24 "New School"

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    Ed Season Premier 9/24 "New School"

    Quote Originally Posted by TV Guide on line

    Ed 8pm NBC
    New School
    60 mins.

    In the fourth-season premiere, the newly coupled Ed and Carol hit a snag on the way to consummating their three-year courtship. But once they do, a new---and very unexpected---issue arises that could throw some cold water on their romance. Meanwhile, the Burtons sue a doggy dealer for selling them a substandard pup; and Eli charms a pie chef (Marcy Harriel) whose kitchen creations have him seeing stars. Gideon: Mo Rocca. Fred: James Barbour.
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    oh, oh, oh !! I can't wait I am a total sucker for this show
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    I admit, I'm a sucker for Ed.

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    Me too. I tried and tried and tried to stay away from it but saw a bit of an episode last fall and was hooked. I'm glad it wasn't cancelled; although I'm not a fan of Ed and Carol, the supporting characters are what got me. Maybe now that Ed and Carol are "together", they can spend more time on some of the other citizens of Stuckeyville.
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    The highlight of season one (and parts of two) was Phil Stubbs. He was a great character. However, I don't think his chemistry with Eli is that good, and both of them are generally annoying to watch.

    The one question I have is how Warren never seems to graduate high school. He was DEFINITELY a senior or junior in season one (they had a prom), and I'm pretty sure they said he was a senior in season two, then in three, he's still in the school. What's up with that?

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