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Thread: Need help from someone who has Showtime or HBO...

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    Need help from someone who has Showtime or HBO...

    Hey, I was wondering if someone who has both of these channels could help me out.

    (By the way, if this post is in the wrong place, shuffle it on off to wherever it belongs...I looked for a more appropriate place but couldn't find one which means there's probably one here I just overlooked it.)

    Anyway! I have a dear college friend who is at NYU grad school, and he produced a piece on AIDS that will be airing in October on either Showtime or HBO...I think it's Showtime but I can't remember and I can't find his email.

    I don't get either of these stations but would DEARLY love to watch his piece. (Erm. Ha.) If I find out when it airs, is there someone out there who'd be willing to tape it for me? I'd pay all costs of course...

    PM me if you can help!

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    I'd like to help, I really would, but I have completely disbanded all use of the VCR and I digitally record everything I can but I don't have HBO or Showtime hooked up to my WinTV, I have them upstairs on the digital cable boxes but not on the computer. Sorry.

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