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Thread: Threat Matrix - Anybody Watching?

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    Threat Matrix - Anybody Watching?

    I enjoyed watching it and it was pretty cool how they took out the suicide bomber at the end. When they threw him and the bomb in the containment truck and it blew up and the truck kind of did a hop in the air. Pretty funny if you ask me.

    This was the first program that I was able to see in OTA HDTV and it was pretty good. Of course ABC is only 720p, but the nice thing was, is that it came thru as 5.1 Dolby Digital Stereo. Some good sound effects. It's too bad I couldn't use my Tivo to watch this and FF thru the commercials. I forget what it was like to have to watch commercials!


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    I watched it , not too bad but it has the same look about it as some of the shows out right now,, fast and slick with a lot of beautiful covert people getting it all done themselves. Sort of like w/out a trace sort of...

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