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Thread: ABC to continue John Ritter's sitcom without him

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    Yes it was sweet, especially because it sort of soothed the kids of thinking that their last words to their father were mean or insignifigant.

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    I watched it with the kids, they asked a million questions. It was a pretty good show, but then I've always like James Gardner and Suzanne Plesechte (however you spell her last name) but I think they did a good job of trying to bridge the gap and trying to move the show into it's new format....now will it work long term?
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    I watched it last night (Nov. 11) and it was about them getting back to their normal lives, and it was very well done. Still a tear-jerker, but some humour as well. They could keep this thing going, believe it or not. But I think they always have to keep John Ritter's character on the back burner, he was loved by all. It would be a different story if he had just left the show due to salary dispute or something, but his death was felt by a lot of people.

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