[quote]''Sex and the City'' comes to network TV. Tribune picks up ''Sex'' for syndication -- but how will they censor it? by Liane Bonin

If a broken cable box has kept you out of the loop when it comes to HBO's ''Sex and the City,'' there's new hope. The cable network has sold the show's syndication rights to Tribune Broadcasting, which plans to air the series six nights a week.

This marks the first time HBO has sold original programming to broadcast television. The episodes, which will air on the 26 stations Tribune Broadcasting owns across the country, aren't set to make their freebie debut until 2005.

Of course, it just might take until 2005 for Tribune Broadcasting to figure out how to make the racy series appropriate for regular TV. While Carrie's on-again, off-again affairs with Mr. Big and Aidan are no more scandalous than any given episode of ''NYPD Blue,'' Samantha's potty mouth and the girls' topless scenes may be tough to get past network censors. Sounds like the ''Sex'' singletons may be getting some expensive new underwear -- the kind they stitch together with digital effects.[/i]

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