FOX Embarks on Animated 'Pitch-O-Rama'
(Wednesday, August 27 09:40 AM)

LOS ANGELES ( - The general viewer response to the state of television is "I could do better than this tripe." In response, networks are increasingly saying, "OK. Do better than this tripe." FOX is entering the DIY fray with "Pitch-O-Rama,"

FOX is looking for pitches for original animated projects. That means that all your "Simpsons" spin-off ideas can just go back into mothballs and your suggest that FOX should just "Bring back 'Futurama' already" will not be well received. The submission form includes space for sketches of the four major characters in your magnum Opus (named, of course, after the penguin in "Bloom County"). Other submission possibilities include storyboards, VHS tapes or DVDs with animation samples or scripts.

All projects must be postmarked by Monday, Sept. 15 and must be in the sweaty palms of the screeners by Sept. 22. In November, 100 finalists will be invited to Los Angeles to do a five minute pitch for FOX executives. What will happen then? Possibly the world will be opened up to you, as you become the next Mike Judge or Matt Groening.

However, the rules for the contest clearly state "Participation in this program, including making a pitch at the Pitch-O-Rama, in no way implies or guarantees any employment opportunity at Fox or any of its affiliated, parent or subsidiary companies."
So dig out those drawings and those brilliant ideas and let the pitches fly.

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