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Thread: "Salvation" 11/10

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    Summer, I think the US is working PC. Jack designed and tested Project Christmas for the US Government, but Irina stole it for Russia. Makes sense that the US would also be using it, especially if the 1st grade tests are similar.

    Now, MY big question is, way back then, Jack was working ONLY for SD-6, who he thought was a branch of the CIA but wasn't. I doubt he was a double-agent back in the 70's. So, if he really developed Project Christmas for SD-6, not the CIA, then how did the US Government get its hands on it?


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    Maybe Sydney's mom has a chip implanted in her so the Russians can pinpoint her exact location and they are waiting for her cue to come and spring her out.

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    I just got through watching this episode. Everytime Jack does something like Project Xmas, I go "Aha! I knew you were evi!". But then he turns around, and does something like turn himself in for framing Irina, and I think: "Maybe, he's not a bad guy afterall.". I like Jack, but he sure confuses me.

    Vaugh will be alright. I know it! Sydney will save. The previews said Sydney tries to save "the man that she loves".

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