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Thread: fave shows that dont air anymore

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    LOL.. someone remembers fifteen.. what about Welcome Freshmen? lol... god thats so long ago it seems...

    Though I think they still do them occasionally, Behind the Music was always a favorite of mine... but I think they sucked the life out of that one...

    Boy Meets world was the greatest! lol... I liked it alot.. as well as the whole TGIF block, up to and including when Sabrina came out.. I liked that show as well, but after that, everything they added to TGIF was just not that good..

    The Weakest Link !! while the syndicated one with that dumb guy will never end.. Anne was, and continues to be, one of my idols.. She is just great, and I feel my humor when talking with people often resembles hers in terms of wit and retort (sp?)... Besides that, the show is excellent and well done, and I like the improvement from UK verison (which I also enjoy)...
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    I miss 2gether. That was such a funny show and poked such good fun at all of those boy bands. How could you forget songs like "The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (is Getting Back Your Stuff)" or "U+Me=Us (Calculus)". That is some good stuff there.

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    I miss that one about that guy and his fast car. He had adventures drivig it aroung getting into mischief then in the end the car would save his dumbass. What was that show? ...OH Yea, Dukes of hazzard

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