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Thread: Season 3 News

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    Season 3 News

    From looloohere: I just can't face facts--tell me Vaughn didn't really get married!
    Sweetie honey bear, you know I wish I could. But, tragic news: Producers just sent out a sheet to casting agencies, looking for three new characters, and Mrs. Vaughn--let's call her Vaughn of Satan--will be one of them. The specifications are calling for the trollop to be mid-to-late 20s, attractive and intelligent. As for the rumors that Keri Russell might get the part, I'm told that's unlikely...She's shooting a movie in London called Cabbages and Queens, with Nathan Lane.

    From luv_girlcl: So, I heard you got some Alias casting dish, care to share with us?
    The other new characters:

    1. A new love interest for Sydney (which could mean those rumors about Bradley Cooper leaving for another show could be true), who is described as late 20s to late 30s, attractive and sexy. "Not boyish, a real man."

    2. A new CIA agent, described as a "young, attractive, athletic woman. More or less Sydney's (Jennifer Garner) age. Mid 20s to early 30s. Any ethnicity. The best idea is to have someone as different than [sic] Sydney in style, look and personality."

    3. "A wonderful villain, à la David Bowie or Tchéky Karyo, who will appear here and there throughout the season. This should be 'Oh my God!' casting. Looking for 'stunt' casting that would make us all go, 'Wow, how cool!' "

    All four of these newbies (including V.O.S.--Vaughn of Satan) will be recurring characters.

    From luvbuffy: Wasn't it interesting how the CIA sent Vaughn to meet Sydney in Hong Kong instead of her father? Do you think Jack left the CIA--maybe to work with Sloane?!--when Sydney disappeared?
    Hmmm...interesting theory! But I'm supposing it's because a ring on Jack's finger wouldn't have the same effect.

    ~from a chat trascript from Watch With Kristin

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    It'll be interesting (and painful) to see this new love interest of Vaughn's. To think, we wait two seasons to see Syd and Vaughn FINALLY get together after constant and obvious attraction, only to have Syd disappear. Oh, the drama!

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    Thanks for the updates! I am really looking forward to the new season.

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    Times a tickin down to Alias!!

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