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Thread: Sopranos - "Everybody Hurts" (Episode 6, 10/20)

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    "Everybody Hurts" - 10/20

    Everybody Hurts
    60 min.

    Actor Steve Buscemi directs his second episode of the hit mob drama, an hour scripted by Michael Imperioli (series regular Christopher Moltisanti).

    Buscemi received Emmy and Directors Guild of America nominations for directing “Pine Barrens,” one of the most popular episodes of the third season. In this installment, restaurateur Artie Bucco (John Ventimiglia), always a sucker for a pretty face, loans money to his hostess's brother; Anthony Jr. (Robert Iler) falls for a girl from a well-heeled family; Carmela (Edie Falco) plays matchmaker for Furio (Federico Castelluccio); and Tony (James Gandolfini) hears some surprising news about an old associate.

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    Good episode. A.J. getting some action, too funny. More spooky footage of Gloria Trillo, creepy woman. And Furio, looking all hot, yummy.
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    I finally saw this episode! We did a double viewing on Sunday with this ep and the most recent one

    good one!
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