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Thread: Gallant vs Pratt

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    Gallant vs Pratt

    I really latched onto Pratt telling Gallant that he was looking out for him. Not only did that scene give the episode it's title, (Walk Like a Man) but it was insight into Pratt's never before seen personality.

    Both are black, both young men, both starting their career. But they are sooooo different. Pratt seems kind of attached to the notion that because they are both black, they are therefore, on the same team. I just found it funny how Pratt objected to Gallant taking everyone else's BS and then thinks it's okay for Gallant to take it from him. Why?

    I've liked Gallant from his first episode with Kerry out in the field and the firefighters. He's actually one of the few people she likes because he IS a hard worker and willing to step aside and learn from his superiors.

    I also liked the final scenes with Gallant and Carter. Carter started out almost exactly the same way. Heart on his sleeve, wet behind the ears, trying to please his superiors, wanting to fit in. All Carter. So it's interesting to see it come full circle.

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    I also like how Carter admitted that he could have tried harder to help that patient (Gladys, Lois, what was her name), and that Gallant did all the standing up to the head of cardiology that was appropriate for a 4th year medical school student. I thought that was very interesting and well played by Carter, Pratt and Gallant (whom I've loved ever since he started on the show). Gallant is a very Jane Austen-esque for that character, as he really is the ER's Mr. Knightly.
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