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Thread: Quick Hits - October 17

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    Quick Hits - October 17

    This is the ER that I like. Great episode, I laughed, I cried, I got to see Luka in a royal blue shirt...

    *First rule of girl's club, don't talk about girl's club.

    *Yay! Finally an episode centered around Gallant. Sharif Atkins just has this way where you just want to adopt him. Kinda like Stella did. I thought he did a great job and really grew as a character.

    *A cactus? Romano wasn't even IN the episode and he had the best line!

    *I like Abby.. not so much with Carter, but I really liked her in this episode. On a professional level, she's really invaluable and deserves her promotion. I love how she interacted with the 14 yr old girl.

    *Finally someone manages to punch Pratt and it's Gallant of all people. Loved Kerry's line at the end... "Dr. Gallant, there was an altercation with another doctor?" "Yes, Dr. Weaver, I punched Dr. Pratt in the face" "Well, in that case, I'll overlook it"

    *Poor Gallant. What an awful, awful day he had.

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    Gallant was great in this episode.
    I'm pleased to see he actually got something to do.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    That was a very good episode.

    Can anyone tell me what the purpose of showing Pratts brother?
    Is the guy retarded? Is this supposed to show Pratt in a sympathetic light? If so, his callus handling of his bro leaves a lot to be desired.

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