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Thread: Miss Match on NBC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    I watched this show (surfed to the channel by accident), but I don't know if I will tune in again. Concept should be interesting enough, she is good enough, but something was missing, perhaps no chemistry between actors/actresses was the problem?

    Maybe that's my problem with it, I don't know. I can't quite put my finger on it. I agree that the divorce lawyer by day/matchmaker by night concept seems like a good enough concept and the lead actress is good enough, so I just don't get it.
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    I am a sucker for Alicia. Maybe it is her lips...
    I am enjoying the show, but I tend to agree with some of you that there is something missing.

    Since it is on Friday nights, I think that it is the perfect light fluff to end the week that I need. I like the receptionist at the law firm, she cracks me up. Ryan O'Neal is a bit bloated, but I enjoy his character. I have a little crush on the guy playing the architect. And this past Friday's episode, with the chiropractor, creeped me out a bit.

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