I just watched the first 2 episodes of "Here and Now" and I am SO sucked in. I want to watch more but need to try and get some sleep for an early morning tomorrow.

The show was created by Alan Ball, the same guy who did Six Feet Under. Each character is really, really fleshed out and played by fabulous actors, including Tim Robbins, Holly Hunter and many more that you will recognize, ie., remember Stephanie from Grey's Anatomy? Incredibly well-written. This show is really about what it is to be human and fallible and goes into depth on the struggles of each family member.

Holly Hunter & Tim Robbins are the 60-year-old parents and they have 4 children, 3 adults adopted from various countries and a 17-year-old bio daughter. It's a normal family drama with hints at a supernatural twist (or possibly mental illness?!).

If you liked Six Feet Under, Party of 5, Proof and Brothers & Sisters and you like This is Us now - give this show a try. (Warning-- explicit sex and drugs.)

I have no doubt I'll be caught up on all the episodes this weekend!