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The editing before he went back in was tricky because they didn't really ever use a wide shot to show he wasn't standing with them.

With Miguel and Rebecca - I think it's been hard for us to warm to them as a couple because the show doesn't really give us a lot of chances to see them in love. We usually see Miguel feeling like he has to get out of the way to let the kids have their mom. You see little glimpses - like they way they were snuggling and watching TV a couple of episodes ago when Kevin was at their house. But we don't get to see any romance between the two of them that comes anywhere close to what we see between her and Jack.

The reason for that may be due to something that occurred to me watching the Super Bowl show -- I wonder if the reason that Jack is portrayed as such a superhuman perfect man is that he's portrayed not as he actually was in his life, but as his family remembers him. I think that the flashbacks are shown not as a way of documenting historical record, but as the characters remember events in current times. Our memories of deceased loved ones tend to hold on to all the great characteristics and forget about the flaws, and I think that's reflected in the flashbacks. IF that is intentional, it's also possible that the relationship between Rebecca and Miguel is filtered through Kevin, Kate and Randall's perceptions rather than reality. Kids are less likely to see a great love story and romance between a parent and a second spouse, so maybe since they don't see their relationship that way, it's not shown that way on the show.
I may be thinking WAY too much into that, but it's a thought.
Brilliant observation/theory!