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Thread: This Is Us

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    Re: This Is Us

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    Rebecca and Jack weren't each others blind dates. Rebecca left her date to go to the club. We never found out the name of the girl Jack was supposed to meet, but I'd assume if her name was Rebecca, he would have put two and two together.
    You're right, Critical, Rebecca and Jack weren't each other's blind date. BUT we actually DID find out the name of the girl Jack was supposed to meet. It was 'Frida' --- that was the name on the piece of paper Jack wrote it on, and stuck in his wallet. Later, when he took it out of his wallet and looked at it, the camera zoomed in, and you could see the name was Frida.

    By the way, I thought this episode was very touching and I liked that it told a lot of their back story. But I wish that this episode had come earlier in the season, cause I think we all had such high expectations for the 'finale' --- that this episode just couldn't live up to that.

    But fortunately we have a lot of GREAT episodes to look forward to in the fall, so that's good enough for me!
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    Re: This Is Us

    I was also disappointed in the Finale. Partially because I expected more, and partly because of the way Jack & Rebecca were portrayed.
    Up to this point they've been portrayed as loving to each other & to their family. For both of them their family was the most important thing in their lives.

    But Rebecca was portrayed as thoughtless & selfish, and inconsiderate of Jack, for putting "her career" before anything or anyone else. That may have been fine when she was younger, but now she has a husband & children to consider. Doing local music shows is fine, but running off to other states is another story, especially with an ex-boyfriend. It was thoughtless & hurtful toward Jack.

    As for Jack, well, the drinking, especially drinking & driving pretty much spoke for itself. It was thoughtless, selfish, stupid & extremely immature. Driving off to see Rebecca in that condition was even stupider. He should have known that the drinking alone would make her mad.
    However, hitting the ex-boyfriend, in my opinion was justified, and Rebecca had no right to get all self righteous at him about that one.

    They were both just as in the wrong. Her getting all high & mighty & wanting him to leave made me mad. It wasn't just him. She did it to herself.
    I don't want to dislike them either as a couple or individually, and this episode made me do both.

    I'm glad the show is over for the season. Sometimes I need a break from even good shows. By Fall I'll be ready to dive back into the stories.
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