NBC, Burnett, Stallone, and "The Contender" will blow away Fox and "The Next Great Champ." First of all, the quality of fighter is on NBC's show will be 10 times as good. The Contender will feature current champions like Ishe Smith and Peter Manfredo Jr. These guys have fought several times on national tv (ESPN). This Fox show has a bunch of bum amateurs who can't fight. This show makes the boxing fan like myself sick. None of these fighters will amount to anything. The Contender is going to make a mainstream star out of a guy like Manfredo Jr. He for example, is a young up and coming star, 21-0 10 ko's and is the NABO Jr MiddleWeight Champ He is only a few fights away from being ready to compete with a guy like De La Hoya or Hopkins. NBC can work with a guy like this and have a legit threat to guys like Sugar Shane Mosely, DeLaHoya, Hopkins etc. The Contender may not premier until January but it will be well worth the wait!