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Thread: This show is already in trouble

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    This show is already in trouble

    I found this article on the Mixed Martial Arts Chronicle website:

    Next Great Champ TV Rating
    By Jeremy Wall [9.15.04 - 6:46 PM EST]

    The second week of Next Great Champ did a 3.3 and a 5 share at 9pm EST on Fox, the exact same rating and share as last week, which means roughly five million viewers. It again placed fourth for the 9pm timeslot on the networks, and again lost viewership from the Fox 8pm show "Trading Spouses", which did a 4.6 and an 8 share, same as last week. It was also again bested by back-to-back reruns of the sitcom "According to Jim" on ABC. Overall for the entire night of programming, Fox came in fourth, although they came in third for adults ages 18-49. Unfortunately for Next Great Champ, it did only did a 2.4 for adults 18-49, although it did a 6 share in that demo, which was higher than it's overall share.

    The only success for the show this week was that at the 9:30 mark it went from a 2.3 and 7 share to a 3.0 and 8 share with males ages 18-49, and a 2.5 and an 8 share to a 3.3 and a 10 share for males ages 18-34. The buzz on the show still continues to be poor.

    For those that don't know, a rating is the percentage of entire the universe being measured. The 3.3 rating for the debut of Next Great Champ is a percentage of all television households watching that show. That 3.3 means that 3.3% of every household in the U.S. was watching Next Great Champ. Share is the percentage of how many households actually watching TV while the show was on. That means if Next Great Champ did a 5 share, 5% of all the households watching TV while it was airing were watching this show.

    TV Ratings for Next Great Champ
    9/7/04 - 3.3(5)
    9/14/04 - 3.3(5)

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    they needed

    1.Better fighters

    2. more actual fighting

    3. mark burnett running the show.

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    I thought Mark Burnett did run this show....I don't know why I thought that maybe I just assumed it.

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    I think this show rocks.

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    Ya i kinda like it too and the hubby really enjoys it.

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    What's a sitcom? Toxic's Avatar
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    Count me (and my wife) as fans also.

    I agree, it can use more boxing. But the challenges are pretty well thought out and there is a fair amount of drama among the contestants.

    I wonder if people are starting to reject all of Fox's "knock-off" reality shows (The Complex, which I like, is doing bad ratings too) because they have had some pretty bad ones in the past.

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    Mark Burnett's show "The Contender" will air in November. It is co-hosted by Sugar Ray Leonard, George Forman, and Sylvester Stallone. The team of Burnett and Dreamworks spent much more money than FOX on thier show and I'm sure are not happy about the lousy ratings of "Next Great Champ" - especially considering the hype spurred on by all the legal battles.

    I have a couple of friends who worked on "Next Great Champ" so I check it out every week. So far, I am not impressed with the characters or the story (but the camera work is good, Dax!)

    It's moving to Friday anyway to make room in the timeslot for "Renovate My Family"... which is a really good show: why FOX would put that on right after "Extreme Makeover Home Edition "airs on ABC is beyond me.

    Anyway - enough insider talk


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    That's why I must have thought Mark Burnett had something to do with it....just wrong show same concept....silly me

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    I've got a lot of complaints:

    First of all, where the hell did they find any of these guys? None of the featured boxers have shown any talent. Also, what's with editing the fights (and with no clock). Then there's the cheesy music, the dumb sound effects whenever the punches land (and sometimes when they miss), the slow motion shots, etc. If they had picked decent fighters, all of these tricks would have been totally unnecessary.

    Hopefully, The Contender will be better.

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    I have to totally agree with you. Working in reality tv myself, I was really disappointed in the editing of this show. The transition shots of LA are ridiculous and the fights look totally chopped up. With only 4, 2 minute rounds, I would hope they could just show us the damn fight. I also like the idea of a clock. Someone get this man a job at FOX!

    As for the sound effects - it would have been better to mic the fight with shotguns but that can be hard outdoors and the sound effects make the punches seem more brutal. I forgive them.

    The main problem is that these "reality boxers" are not believable. If they just wanted to become boxers, I would totally forgive their ineptitude - but to come on the show claiming to already be experienced or even "undefeated" and then box the way they have, destroys any integrity of the show.

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