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Thread: 9/14 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    9/14 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Pleas keep all discussion about tonights show in this thread only until 1am eastern.
    Thanks and enjoy the show

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    Wow. You could almost call this episode "battle of the evil confidants". BOTH of the confidants of the fighters this week were real pieces of work. Andrea, the "ex" making nasty comments about how dissapointed she is in her boy (basically kicking him when he's down), and the Evil Evil Brother making assy obvious manipulations, lying to his own somewhat nicer brother (did you catch Fred's look of disgust when his brother was trash-talking the other guy pre-fight?) and generally just being stupid.

    And lisping, whining Prison Boy? Another tool.

    I'm okay with Fred winning, despite his putz of a brother. He himself deserved it based on his boxing--his brother shouldn't be a factor in that.

    Really nobody is watching this sucker (I almost didn't even bother to tape it). But this episode actually WAS somewhat better than the first episode.
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    wow......this show has been DENIED!

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    I liked it. Although it seemed goofy that Lance was called "devious" and "deceitful." All he did was tell dude that he should be a man and fight number 1. You knew that he was going to pick homie anyway because he was white....alot of the other guys made comments about 'white' fighters earlier in this show. So, I don't see Lance as being "devious", although I think he's stupid for telling his bro everyone thinks he'll lose. Who cares about that? You are a fighter you fight. You don't care what people think about you, it's not jr. high. You can be a fat ass and knockout a guy in great shape..it's not about "looks" in the ring it's about heart, skill, stamina, and power.

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    I thought someone was supposed to get hurt and end up in the hospital last night thats what the previews showed ? Maybe I misunderstood .

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    me too...guess that's next week.

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    I think that Fox lied or had "deceptive advertising" because they hyped this episode up like someone would get rushed out in an ambulance.

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    I think they were getting us hyped about the ambulance. I think that's supposed to go down next week. I don't really have a problem with the brother "manipulating" the fight. It makes good strategic sense. If I understand the rules correctly the only way Fred makes more money is if he fights, so he might as well get the money now with a victory over fat,sloppy Alonzo while getting in some real ring time in the process; rather then sitting around.
    Alonzo looked to me like he didn't come to fight so I don't feel empathy for him. Fred looks like he's about to get sat down pretty soon to me because he's slow and flat footed.I think his brother knows what's up about getting him the money as quickly as possible.

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    It makes the most sense to fight right away. If you win, you win money AND more importantly, you automatically make it to the quarter finals. That's the ticket right there.

    I would try my hardest to fight right away too especially if I was in the top three. I can't believe those cats didn't lobby to get a shot at it. If you had a shot at 25K would you let someone else do it without trying to get a shot at it? I mean I would insult dude call him out whatever to get my shot at fighting.

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