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Thread: Gilbert "The General" Zaragoza

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    On the mat

    Gilbert "The General" Zaragoza


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    Based on the Gold Gloves if he's in good shape.....Final Four

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    alma regino
    Gilbert, My name is Alma an d I am from El Paso, Tx. I just wanted to let you
    know that I think you are a great fighter. I m hoping that you take the title since I think you really desrve it. I dont know the outcome of the show but I still watch the show all the time hoping that you beat all of the other guys. Hopefully you respond to my message and again the best of luck. Alma

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    Deserves it??

    What for beating some dude up and going to jail for three years?

    I know people can change and I hope he has but to me he still seems like a punk and certainly deserves it the least of any of the fighters.

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