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Thread: "The Next Great Champ" Finalists Announced

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    "The Next Great Champ" Finalists Announced


    Twelve aspiring boxers from across the country are laying it all on the line – both in and out of the boxing ring – in the unscripted series THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP airing this fall on FOX. Eight-time World Champion Oscar De La Hoya and television powerhouse Endemol USA have teamed to turn young, raw boxers into top prize-fighters. The hopefuls will push themselves to the limit as they train and slug it out in hopes of winning every fighter's ultimate dream – a professional contract with De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions.

    "We've found 12 talented, determined, courageous young boxers who want their chance at stardom," said De La Hoya. "We will push them to their limits to see which ones have the heart of a champion. And, for the first time, the audience will get to see the daily sacrifices and struggles, the joy and pain in the career of a young fighter. We'll show you how champions are made."

    Each of the 12 fighters will be joined on his journey by someone from his personal life … a wife, girlfriend or family member. That personal relationship will add tension, drama and a first-hand opportunity for viewers to see pugilism through the eyes of a non-boxer.

    As the fighters continue their preparations, they'll undergo a series of workout regimens crafted by legendary professional fighters and trainers – many of whom will appear on the show. Along the way, De La Hoya will be a mentor, friend and motivator to the chosen ones.

    Over the course of the series, only those who have what it takes will advance from challenge to challenge, round to round, and fight to fight. The stakes to be the last man standing are high as there can be only one winner -- THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP.

    The 12 fighters competing for the ultimate prize are:

    James "Marvelous Mince" Mince, 26 (New Orleans, LA)
    Confidant: Elgin Melancon (uncle)
    Pro 4-0 (4 KO's)

    Rene "Lone Star" Armijo Jr., 20 (El Paso, TX)
    Confidant: Rene Armijo Sr. (father)
    Pro 1-0

    Fred "Boom Boom" Bachmann, 31 (Philadelphia, PA)
    Confidant: Lance Bachman (brother)
    Pro 3-0 (1 KO)

    Mike "Pit Bull" Vallejo, 27 (Miami, FL)
    Confidante: Glenda Santiago (fiancée)
    Amateur 22-3

    Luis "The Body Snatcher" Corps, 30 (Miami, FL)
    Confidante: Christy Monteaguedo (girlfriend)
    Pro 1-1

    David "Danger" Pareja, 26 (Chicago, IL)
    Confidante: PJ Pareja (wife)
    Amateur 41-14

    Otis "Triple O.G." Griffin, 26 (Sacramento, CA)
    Confidante: Schonette James (sister)
    Amateur 9-1

    Arsenio "R.C. Rey" Reyes, 27 (Miami, FL)
    Confidant: Arturo Reyes (brother)
    Pro 3-0

    Paul "The Perfect Storm" Scianna, 30 (South Orange, NJ)
    Confidante: Stephanie Scianna (sister)
    Amateur 17-5

    Mohamad "The Monarch" Elmahmoud, 23 (Orlando, FL)
    Confidante: Amanda Cooper (girlfriend)
    Amateur 15-4

    Lawrence "Lights Out" Alonzo, 29 (Ontario, CA)
    Confidante: Andrea Yamas (girlfriend)
    Amateur 8-4 (5 KO's)

    Gilbert "The General" Zaragoza, 29 (Sacramento, CA)
    Confidante: Deanna Zaragoza (sister)
    Pro: 1-0

    THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP is produced by Endemol USA, a leading producer of television programming specializing in reality and non-scripted genres for network and cable television. David Goldberg is President of Endemol USA. THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP is executive-produced by Paul Buccieri and Joe Livecchi.

    Golden Boy Promotions is entering its third year and is America's most innovative and fastest-growing boxing company. With eight-time World Champion Oscar De La Hoya at the helm of Golden Boy Promotions, the Los Angeles-based company will promote over 40 shows in 2004, airing on major networks such as HBO PPV, HBO LATINO, ESPN AND TELEFUTURA.
    For more information, visit www.fox.com

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    I've watched the first two episodes and I can honestly say that the four feature boxers have no future at all in pro boxing. These guys are horrible.

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