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There's an old joke where a good ole country boy is asked what kind of music he prefers. He answers without thought, "I like both kinds of music! Country AND Western!".I think the answer lies somewhere between the way in which the different demographics buy their music and the diversity of Rock vs Country. Look at how disparate the Rock bands were in this competition. The fact is we use quantifiers when talking about Rock. Alternate, Classic, Pop, Heavy Metal, etc, while (except to a few aficionados) Country is, well, Country.
That particular joke was in the Blues Brothers movie and remains my favorite quote of the entire movie. In fact, we continue to say that a LOT ourselves.

I agree with your view about the disparity and the quantifiers when talking about Rock. Country is well Country, but Rock is divided into so many genres.

Just walk in a record store. There are a gazillion "sections", but only one "country section". Although bluegrass (which I do not consider country) does occasionally get its own section.

Good observations there U.D.