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Thread: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by AJane;2701790;
    We should all keep in mind that taste in music, like any art, is very, VERY subjective. All of us here are simply stating preference - none of us are music execs, like Dicko Dickson or Simon Cowell, whose job it is to find artists who are not only talented, but have the ability to sell records. Everyone's opinions are welcomed and appreciated here, regardless of musical background.

    Most of us know a really bad singer when we hear one, but not everyone will agree on what a good one sounds like. I mean, my favourite singer EVER is Janis Joplin, and lots of my friends think that I'm tone deaf (which very well may be true ) and that she's absolutely horrible.

    So with that out of the way - I will agree with liedenfrost and give Sixwire the winning performance this week. It was the most accessible, not to mention very entertaining and well-played (bass solo notwithstanding ). My own personal favourite is again the Clarks, though I preferred last week's song to this week's. I'm not sure that I want another band member added to their mix, though, as Dicko suggested. Even if it is another "Clark brother". There's a certain mystique to just the three of them being onstage together.

    More and more, though, it's looking as though LOD might actually pull off a win here. They obviously have a lot of support in the live audience - I would love to see the actual voting numbers. I guess it is the "gimmicky" part of their act (their age), after all, that's winning over fans, because I really don't see how '80'-style metal is drawing a big audience.
    I agree with you on the highlighted part. For instance I was much more approving of the music & vocals of Christine McVie than the overly dramatic, dark warblings of Stevie Nicks. But, I seemed to be in the distinct minority on that one.

    I just don't know if LOD are going to be the spoilers or not, but I do think they are the ones that could do so, because their fans are the ones that are home during the time the show is on, & they are the power voters. But, I do know for a fact that there is a huge segment of people voting for the Clarks as well.

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    Re: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I have to wonder if Light of Doom and Dot Dot Dot aren’t becoming a little tired and frustrated because they must learn and adopt music genres so removed from their own.
    How would this apply more to them than Sixwire or The Clarke Brothers? Who are both country bands and who haven't gotten anything even close to Country to work with yet. Or even poor Denver. Who's not gotten anything THAT close to a natural swing song.

    They've all had to adapt. Arguably Dot Dot Dot has had it easier than most, in fact.
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    Re: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    My personal favorites are the Clark Brothers by far. Their musicianship is incredible. I would agree this might not have been Ashley's most "perfect" vocal, and the tune was a little different from Rod's version, but if anything it was more pwerful and heartfelt than Rod's ever was.

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    Re: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Well will be interesting to see how they murder Queen songs this week.

    LOD, no way can that singer, sing anything even remotely close to a key that Freddie Mercury would have sung in. That said, I think they could probably do ok with Under Pressure.

    Last week was probably the first performance I could sit through by the Clark Brothers. It was dirge like, but it was not something I had to fast forward through. No way can Denver still be here. ALL his songs sound alike and I agree with the wedding band comment.

    Sixwire remains one of my favorites as do Dot, Dot, Dot, which I am surprised to say that about both of them. DDD has grown on me, but I liked 80's music.
    Sixwire typically does the kind of country I hate, but I think they actually play tight as a band.

    Kind of sad the 60's retro kids got sent home. They were fun, not great, but fun. Way more fun than Denver. I love Big band and I even have some big band Christmas music, but they have moved into the bad vegas lounge act/wedding band rut and can't seem to get out of it which is why I'm surprised they keep making it through each week.

    Guessing that the Clarks probably won't do Fat Bottomed Girls this week. And please don't let LOD do Bohemian Rhapsody, that's a cliche waiting to happen.
    Although, I'd like to see DDD do Killer Queen.
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    Re: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Moving past the fact that I don't think there should even be a Queen week, I don't think anyone should try Killer Queen. That's one is decceptive--it's a lot harder to sing than it sounds.
    I'd like to see...
    Light of Doom--Keep Yourself Alive or Modern Times Rock and Roll
    DMHO--Crazy little Thing Called Love or Sleeping on the Sidewalk
    Clark Brothers--'39 or Funny How Love Is
    Dot Dot Dot-- Under Pressure
    Sixwire--Fat Bottom Girls

    Of course, they do not have access to the whole catalog of songs, just a list that we don't see. So, half the Queen songs I think would be any kind of a good fit for these bands probably aren't even an option.
    Again, I think this whole week is a bad, bad idea. I hope I'm wrong. I also agree with Krom that DotDotDot may have been having it the eaiest of any of these bands, as far as choices go. I also agree that a week of something other than classic rock is in order, or at least a free choice week.
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    Re: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I'll bet my house that LoD does "Stone Cold Crazy" this week. Metallica has covered that song before, and I would think LoD is familiar with that one. And the lead singer shouldn't have trouble with it.

    queenb has some excellent choices. '39 would be great for the Clarks (although I would love to see them try The Show Must Go On), and the rest of your choices are perfect. I could also see DDD do We Are the Champions.

    My favorite Queen song is "The Prophet Song." I would doubt anyone would try that.

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    Re: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Again, can't pick a song for each band, but The Clarks I see doing '39 (I see queenb and I agree on that one, and also on DMHO doing Crazy Little Thing Call Love) and LoD doing I'm In Love With My Car, mainly because the song is a little juvenile in tone, or maybe Stone Cold Crazy. And queenb and I are going to have to disagree on this one, because I'd like to hear DDD doing Killer Queen. I think it might work for them.
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    Re: 11/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by guide54;2706214;
    I would agree this might not have been Ashley's most "perfect" vocal, and the tune was a little different from Rod's version, but if anything it was more pwerful and heartfelt than Rod's ever was.
    That depends on how invested in Rod one is
    Whether it's me feeling things that aren't there ..lol...I am a huge Rod fan and think his version was much more heartfelt. The Clark brothers are my absolute favorite, but I didn't care for the vocal performance this week as much as last. I felt like he climbed inside himself to a place the song just couldn't carry him. I don't know if that makes sense at all. The musicianship was enough for me though, to feel everything that Sheila was feeling.

    I can't stand DDD, he is waaay too animated for my tastes, his facial expressions drive me around the bend. And I think the judges were spot-on the night they said something like "There's a big difference in commanding attention on stage and looking like you're desperate for it."

    I'm over the LoD gimmick, I'm impressed with these kids and think they'll probably become a great band, but they certainly don't deserve to win this competition.

    DMHO just isn't my cup of tea and I usually just FF through their performance.

    Sixwire is tight, but I wonder if there aren't a hundred bands just like them trying to break through. They are second to the Clarks in my book, and I don't even care for Country that much.

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