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Thread: 11/9 Show Discussions

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    Re: 11/9 Show Discussions

    Here is a link to Denver's wife, Amy's blog... Link Here

    How funny to find out her name is Amy who is married to Denver and they have a son named Boston and a new daughter named London.....

    Denver and Boston (wearing London shirts):

    London.....awww...isn't she precious?

    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Re: 11/9 Show Discussions

    I watched this show for the first and only time and liked it, at least most of the bands. Didn't care too much for the judges though, I found the coninuing props for bands purportedly following judges previous suggestions (commands?) about as irksome as the vacillating between judges saying bands had either not out out or put out too much (all while saying they loved the band). Nothing was as irritating (or in my estimation misplaced) as that "The best attitude is gratitude" piece of crud bit of advice. That, teamed with several judge bows to thw wonders of humility seemed to me to be running against the grain of what this show is supposedly seeking.

    What is all that GREAT about a humble and grateful band?

    If you're great, you can afford to be somewhat arrogant, or so I'd think. If the music rocks, the fans will follow, even if you fail to take knee and thank them and the heavens for your proficency.

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