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Thread: 11/2 Show Discussion

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    Re: 11/2 Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus;2644723;
    Also, much as I don't care for Rzeznik, I'm with him on that annoying booing. What the hell is wrong with those people?
    Much as I love Rzeznik, I don't mind the booing. To me it's a way for people to let the groups know that the fans are on their side because it's really hard to listen to public criticism. I have a feeling that many in the audience are in agreement with the judges even when they boo them.

    Part of The Muggs problem was that no-one booed their criticism so they came off as jerks for wanting to boo it themselves. I think they would have come off badly either way but the fact that people weren't booing with them made it that much worse.

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    Re: 11/2 Show Discussion

    In my opinion, Sixwire is the best band in this competition. They're the reason I return to watch it another week. If they leave the show, I'll probably stop watching it at that point. I can honestly see myself purchasing their CD someday, and I can't really say that about anybody else in the competition.

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    Re: 11/2 Show Discussion

    From The Likes of You's Myspace Blog

    Saturday, November 03, 2007

    TLOY moving on!
    Current mood: cheerful

    Thank you for all the overwhelming support for The Likes Of You...

    y'all made our night with all the emails and postings that were laced with love and support baby.

    The good news is we just got a record offer and we're set to record in the best studio in L.A. (the studio at the Marquis Hotel in Hollywood)....Jed Leiber just put in millions renovating the room with the absolute best gear, wiring, and award winning acoustics and full 5.1.

    Seal recently recorded there and LOVED the room, Julian Lennon, Madonna, Jeff Beck, Slash, John Oates, Cindy Lauper and many others have worked with Jed in this room. Jed is the son of the legendary Jerry Leiber (Leiber and Stoller), and an amazing piano player, producer, musical director, and business man. He just made us the offer and we accepted. We start recording next week! John Oates will also be involved and a few songs that Jed, John and I wrote together will be on the new record. John also said he'll play and/or sing and make a guest appearance on the record.

    I am VERY excited about this new turn of events and good luck to the kats left on the Next Great American Band.

    The band and I are stoked about this recent turn of events!!!

    Everything happens for a reason. Thanks for your votes and I'll let you know when the record will be available. Cheers!!! Word of mouth rules and we love you,


    PS: we'll be playing in LA VERY soon. Viper Room, Mint, Derby and Hotel Cafe...see you soon...live.
    Interesting that it is Jed Leiber's studio and we just finished having Leiber & Stoller week!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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