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Thread: 10/19 Show Discussion

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    Re: 10/19 Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Aceon6;2621637;
    Whoever does the scheduling for Fox obviously does not live in the USA. To premier a family oriented show on a Friday night at the height of HS football season just doesn't make any sense. I'm guessing lots of folks TiVoed it, but that won't help one iota when the voting starts.

    It would do better if it was packaged with Idol Rewind, but in our town, Rewind is being shown by CW, not Fox.
    FOX has never been known for their GOOD choices.

    I had so much fun watching this show.. Sheila, my gawd shes SO much better than Paula! And well Johnny... sigh some day we will be married and all .. he was great, so glad to see him on this show!!!
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    Re: 10/19 Show Discussion

    I agree.Sheila is a hundred times better than Paula.She's able to be compassionate but honest at the same time. And she's not sipping from her "special" cup,if ya know what I mean

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    Re: The Next Great American Band Premiere Recap 10/19/07 An Oasis in the Desert

    Did anyone like Tres Bien? I think they're awesome!

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