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Thread: "Bet Your Life" Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I agree with the people who said Corinne was pretty good. I thought she came out not smelling too bad from this stink of a bomb. Sean rode a motorcycle well. (And my mother taught me to only say something nice, and that was the nicest thing I could think of.)

    This movie made me wish I had nachos to go with all the cheese dripping off my TV.

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    Y'all must not have watched the movie the right way Couple of shots of Nyquil and a sleepy daze going on and it was pretty darned good!

    Eh, ok, so it wasn't, but dang when you're nice and drugged up and on the verge of sleep, it was probably a lot better than it actually was. Atleast I enjoyed drooling for a couple of hours over Billy Zane if nothing else.

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    Oh, good Lord. Ok, I'm a terrible writer person, as I just got around to watching the movie yesterday . . . and now I'm sorry that I even bothered. OH, THE HUMANITY! The acting didn't really bother me as much as the terrible script--there's no way to make a line such as, "Ouch! That really hurt!" sound good. The whole plot premise was so bloody inane. The scary part is that someone, somewhere, thought this would be a good idea. Yeesh!

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